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2022 NFL Draft Profile: Alabama WR Jameson Williams

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Player Profile

Name: Jameson Williams

School: Alabama Crimson Tide

Recruiting Profile: Click Here

Position: WR

Height: 6016

Weight: 189

Year: Junior

Jersey Number: 1 (Alabama), 6 (Ohio State)

Offensive Scheme: Pro Style Spread/Multiple West Coast

Offensive Coordinator: Bill O'Brien (Alabama), Ryan Day, Kevin Wilson (Ohio State)

Games Reviewed: 2021 Georgia, 2021 Auburn, 2021 Southern Miss, 2021 Miami, 2021 LSU

Position Specific Critical Factors

Hands (7) Very Good

The best WR's in football display great hands; they can snatch or pluck the football when in tight coverage or the wide-open field. Some receivers use their bodies when catching and therefore need more development as hands catchers.

Separation (8) Near Elite

A player's ability to separate from a defender while running a route is dependent on his ability to run a precise and clean route. Separation is not just the prospect's ability to separate with speed, but his ability to run several routes at a high level. The prospect's ability to sell a route to get a defender out of position is also a key way for a player to gain separation. Players with a limited route tree can make it easier for defenders to predict their route running tendencies. The ability to use their body to box out is another way to gain separation.

After Catch Ability (8) Near Elite

A running back with the football in their hands, receivers who can catch a football and make defenders miss in open space, or that can break tackles is a commodity at the highest level of football: high-level WR's show elusiveness, strength, speed, and display toughness after the catch.

Key Strengths

  • Smooth Route Runner

  • Elite Speed

  • After Catch Ability

Key Weaknesses

  • Improve Run Blocking

  • Concentration Drops (Nit Picking)

Pass Game Summary

In 2021, Jameson Williams displayed his high-level speed and versatility at the WR position. At Alabama, Williams played most of his snaps at the Z or in the slot allowing him to get a free release. Williams can play the on-ball role when needed at the next level due to his quick release and hand usage, but he needs to improve his strength to win against more physical NFL defenders.

Williams is a savvy and smooth route runner; he can win underneath with slants, in-cuts, and curl routes. He does a great job locating the open areas of the field when facing zone coverage. He can win against man coverage either by taking the top off with pure speed, using a double move, or quickly stemming a deep route into an open area to separate from a defender.

Williams is excellent after-the-catch. He can make defenders miss in space, or a condensed area, or he can beat them to a spot with pure speed. He shows good strength to break tackles and pick up a few extra yards when needed.

Jameson Williams displays good to great concentration when locating the football on deep throws. He can track the football at a high level and make adjustments mid-route to put himself in a position to make a play.

Run Game Summary

In the run game, Williams is versatile. He can handle jet sweeps and end-around plays, using his speed to beat defenders to the edge. Once in the open field, he is as dynamic as any player in the open field.

Williams must improve his strength to move defenders at the NFL level as a blocker. He does a good job getting in the way of defenders to shield them from the ball carrier.

Final Analysis

Jameson Williams projects as a top 15 pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. His speed, route running ability, and overall versatility as an athlete that defenses must respect are what sets him apart. Williams is also a gunner on special teams, who competes with just as much enthusiasm as a gunner on punt coverage as he does when he scores on an explosive play at the WR position. Williams is also a dynamic and explosive kick returner.

Once at the NFL level, Williams will need to improve his overall strength, which will help him to defeat physical NFL level DB's when challenged in press coverage. Williams has successfully beaten press coverage at the college level using initial speed and quickness. If he only improves marginally, He will quickly separate himself from all of the WR's in this talented 2022 class.

Final Grade Analysis

Final Grade: (7.1) (Instant Impact Potential)

(9.0-7.0) High-End Starter

Ceiling Grade: (7.5) (Instant Impact Potential)

(9.0-7.0) High-End Starter

Floor Grade: (6.6) (Developmental Potential)

(6.6-6.5) Low-Level Starter

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