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2022 NFL Draft Profile: Michigan Edge Rusher Aidan Hutchinson

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Player Profile

Name: Aidan Hutchinson

School: Michigan

Recruiting Profile: Click Here

Position: Edge Rusher

Height: 6051

Weight: 265

Year: SR/2022

Jersey Number: 97

Defensive Scheme: Multiple 2-4-5, 3-4-4

Defensive Coordinator: Mike Macdonald, Don Brown

Games Reviewed: 2021 Washington, 2021 Michigan State, 2021 Nebraska, 2021 Penn State, 2019 Iowa, 2019 Penn State, 2019 Ohio State

Position Specific Critical Factors

Pass Rush: (8) Near Elite

Ability to generate pressure and production on the QB as a rusher. The prospect combines the following: burst to close, strength/power, elusiveness, and athleticism. Keeping in mind: his array of pass rush moves and pass rush style.

1st Step/Explosiveness: (7) Very Good

First step get off-speed, explosive quickness/power are key. Initial quickness, quick to close space, ability to penetrate with reaction to 1st movement, and anticipatory quickness. 1st step length.

Edge Setter/POA: (8) Near Elite

Ability to negate his opponent's strength with forces or stoutness (stack & neutralize blockers), maintain leverage vs. outside plays with his strength, hand use, aggression, toughness, and instincts. What is his ability to hold/anchor the edge or run lane to his outside gap responsibility?

Key Strengths

  • High Motor

  • Power/Strength

  • Awareness

Key Weaknesses

  • Improve Counter Moves

  • Over Pursuit Angles

Pass Game Summary

Aidan Hutchinson is a dominant pass rusher who uses a combination of speed and power to win at the point of attack. He plays with a high motor making his presence felt on nearly every snap opening up opportunities for others to make plays when opposing offenses make it a priority to block him. Hutchinson is an every-down player who can play with his hand in the dirt or standing up. He is not a player who will drop into pass coverage by necessity but shows enough athleticism to settle into a curl or flat area as a changeup.

Run Game Summary

Hutchinson is a strong-run defender who can set the edge. He possesses good run pursuit and tackling ability. He does an excellent job of tracking the football from inside out, using his power and low pad level to outmaneuver his blocker(s). In 2021, Hutchinson is playing the edge standing up in a 3-4 scheme under new Defensive Coordinator Mike Macdonald. Hutchinson has experience lining up inside (4i or 3T) under his former Defensive Coordinator, Don Brown, further adding to his versatility as an every-down and situational defender.

Final Analysis

Aidan Hutchinson's dominance in 2021 has elevated his draft stock. His ability as a High Impact Player has also elevated Michigan's defense from one of the worst in CFB in 2020 under former defensive coordinator Don Brown to a top 10 level in 2021 under new Defensive Coordinator Mike Macdonald. In the new Mike Macdonald Baltimore Ravens 3-4 base scheme, Michigan plays a lot of one high man and cover three that rely on consistent pressure, especially from the edge of the defense.

Aidan Hutchinson has been the critical ingredient to Michigan's successful pass rush in 2021 under Mike Macdonald. His high motor as a pass rusher and his ability to take on double teams with consistent ease has opened up opportunities for other players on the defense to flourish. Hutchinson shows high-level NFL traits comparable to the Bosa brothers or T.J. Watt.

An area where Hutchinson can differentiate himself is with overall athleticism. According to Michigan football strength and conditioning coach Ben Herbert, Hutchinson posted a 4.64sec forty-yard dash, 36in vertical, 6.54sec 3 cone, and 4.07sec shuttle. All of these numbers are better than both of the Bosa's, and nearly all of T.J. Watts posted NFL Combine results, with the exception of T.J. Watt’s 37in vertical.

Final Grade Analysis

Final Grade: (7.7) (Instant Impact Potential)

(9.0-7.0) High-End Starter

Ceiling Grade: (8.4) (Instant Impact Potential)

(9.0-7.0) High-End Starter

Floor Grade: (7.4) (Instant Impact Potential)

(9.0-7.0) High-End Starter

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