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2022 NFL Draft Profile: Michigan RB Hassan Haskins

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Player Profile

Name: Hassan Haskins

School: Michigan

Recruiting Profile: Click Here

Position: RB

Height: 6010

Weight: 220

Year: SR

Jersey Number: 25

Offensive Scheme: Power Spread

Offensive Coordinator: Josh Gattis

Games Reviewed: 2019 Notre Dame, 2019 Alabama Citrus Bowl), 2020 Michigan State, 2021 Washington, 2021 Ohio State, 2021 Iowa

Position Specific Critical Factors

Vision: (6) Good

Ability to run to daylight and gain positive yardage. Running without hesitation, seeing cut-back lanes, patience to follow blocks, finding open seams, creating something out of nothing, ability to set up his blockers.

Contact Balance: (7) Very Good

Ability to maintain his balance in traffic, bounce off of would-be tacklers and continue to advance the football. This grade should reflect his ability to play with a low center of gravity, strength, balance, and foot coordination to keep plays alive in traffic.

Pass Game Impact: (7) Very Good

Combination of his ability to make plays out of the backfield as a receiver, pass-catching ability, and pass pro.

Key Strengths

  • Power

  • Contact Balance

  • Pass Pro

Key Weaknesses

  • Limited As a Receiver

  • Lacks Long Speed

  • Upright Runner

Pass Game Summary

In the passing game, Haskins possesses three-down ability as a pass protector but needs more work as a receiver out of the backfield to gauge his impact. His usage as a receiver at Michigan in the current season (2021) will be hard to measure as he shares a backfield with another back who is a primary backfield receiver. In previous seasons Michigan did not utilize their backs as receivers consistently enough to gauge whether Haskins's deficiencies in this area are more about him and his ability or the offensive scheme.

Run Game Summary

In the run game, Haskins' toughness stands out, and he does a great job hitting the hole hard and powering through initial contact at the line of scrimmage. He shows good patience and vision, allowing his blocks to be set up. He possesses good contact balance and the type of footwork you want to see from a running back. Haskins is not known as an explosive or an elusive playmaker, yet he does possess an adequate ability to make a man miss in space. For a player who invites contact, he does a great job with ball security. At times, Haskins can run upright listed at better than six feet tall, he has done a good job working on his bend as a runner while at Michigan.

Final Analysis

Haskins is a grinder; he has improved each year at Michigan and has entered the 2021 season on a high note in a shared backfield. Haskins embraces his role in a shared backfield, which bodes well for him at the next level. He is also a solid special teams player who will run down on punts and kickoffs to make a play. I expect his stock to rise as Michigan progresses through the Big Ten schedule, and they begin to lean on him more as their primary between the tackles runner. His ideal fit is a team that embraces a power run scheme and utilizes a downhill-style player. His ceiling vs. his floor is dependent on his ability to improve or show he can be a pass-catching threat out of the backfield.

Final Grade Analysis

Final Grade: (6.7) (High Upside Potential)

Solid Starter Level

Ceiling Grade: (6.9) (High Upside Potential)

Solid Starter Level

Floor Grade: (6.2) (Role Player Potential)

Situational Starter/System Dependent/Role Player

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