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2022 NFL Draft Profile: Ole Miss QB Matt Corral

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Player Profile

School: Ole Miss Rebels

Recruiting Profile: Click Here

Position: QB

Height: 6-1

Weight: 205

Year: JR

Jersey Number: 2

Offensive Scheme: Spread/RPO

Offensive Coordinator: Lane Kiffen (Jeff Lebby OC), Prior to Kiffen, Matt Luke (Rich Rodriguez OC)

Games Reviewed: 2021 Alabama, 2021 Auburn, 2021 Arkansas, 2020 Arkansas

Position Specific Critical Factors

Arm Talent: (6) Good

The QB position requires good accuracy at all levels of the field. The QB prospect must have control of the football to place the ball in tight windows and with the appropriate leverage on his throws. Ball placement is paramount when the targeted receiver is not open in the NFL. The ability to throw a receiver open (anticipatory throwing) can separate a good prospect from an elite prospect. The ability throws that are catchable and with good placement is paramount. A prospect's overall arm strength combined with the ability to change speeds based on throwing distance and situation is critical. The prospect's arm angles and ability to make difficult throws while off-platform or on the move are vital indicators of a QB's overall arm talent.

Decision Making/Awareness: (6) Good

The ability to make smart decisions on the field, with good judgment, and poise in the pocket, is fundamental at the highest level of football. Possessing the ability to process quickly on the fly can separate a prospect from being good or elite. The prospect's intelligence, field vision, understanding of coverage, and reading defenses are all critical. The prospect's ability to not break down as pressure builds is a key factor. Possessing the ability to recognize pre-snap and post-snap coverage is another trait that is paramount.

Big Moments/Clutch: (7) Good

Late game, tight game, playing from behind while under pressure; does the prospect rise to the occasion in the close games against better competition? Can the prospect deliver big-time plays under pressure in critical situations? Does the QB maintain composer and focus in key moments?

Key Strengths

  • Mobility

  • Quick Release

  • Leadership

Key Weaknesses

  • Progressions

  • Ball Placement

  • Decision Making

Pass Game Summary

As a passer, Matt Corral has come a long way since his 14 interception season in 2020. In 2021 he lowered his INT total to 5, which is a clear improvement and is one of the more notable items you recognize when watching his tape. Corral is an accurate passer, another critical area he improved under coach Lane Kiffen. He has displayed an ability to throw with anticipation allowing his receivers to make plays after the catch.

In 2021, he excelled with throws to the intermediate and deep areas of the field where he displayed good ball placement. His poise under pressure is solid, and even though he handles the pressure well, not allowing defenses to frustrate him, his yards per attempt, completion rate, and TD/INT ratio are affected. In a clean pocket, Corral is smooth, completing better than 70% of his throws in 2021.

His mechanics are solid, and he possesses a quick release, a trait that can benefit him at the NFL level. His ability to keep a play alive with his legs provides the highest value in the immediate. His ability to add pressure to a defense with his legs will benefit him in the NFL, especially if he is thrust into a starting role as a rookie.

Run Game Summary

As a runner, Matt Corral is a conflict player who forces defenses to defend all 11. He is solid when using the zone read and RPO concepts, and once in the NFL, he can benefit from being in a system with college concepts that marry run and pass concepts allowing him to use his legs. Corral is not a big player, which is something that has to be considered when he is utilized as a runner in the NFL.

Final Analysis

Matt Corral is a player known to be a great leader. His leadership and competitive nature led him to play in the All-State Sugar Bowl at the beginning of the new year, where he would succumb to a lower leg injury on a running play in a meaningless bowl game. As the college football world looked on, many believed he was seriously injured, but the QB avoided serious injury coming away with a sprained ankle.

Matt Corral improved mightily year over year. As we mentioned already, in 2020, he threw 14 INT's. Six came in one game vs. Arkansas, and he had another 5 INT game vs. LSU. He worked to improve his decision-making, which shows up on his tape and the stat book. In 2021, Corral threw just 5 INT's total and improved his anticipatory throwing.

Corral is a prospect that can benefit by playing in a college-style offense that utilizes RPO and zone-read concepts. He can also excel in an offense that incorporates a lot of play-action and designed rollout opportunities to get him out on the edge of a defense where he can make plays with his legs.

Final Grade Analysis

Final Grade: (6.4) (Developmental Potential)

(6.4) Starter Level Traits

Ceiling Grade: (6.9) High Upside Potential

(9.0-7.0) Solid Starter Level

Floor Grade: (5.9) (Role Player Potential)

(5.9) Career Backup Level


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