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2023 NFL Draft, Evaluating Ohio State QB C.J. Stroud, Player Grade, Film Review, and More

After Further Review, Instant Impact Player Edition

This year's episodes will focus on players graded as Instant Impact Potential Players using the Football Scout 365 player grading scale. These players can have a base grade lower than Instant Impact with a ceiling of Instant Impact Player, or they can be a consensus Instant Impact Player.

The New Football Scout 365 NFL Draft Big Board

Please check out the initial Football Scout 365 2023 NFL Draft Big Board. Analyst Brandon Luncberg released his initial top 50 big board on August 1st. He also unveiled the updated NFL Draft big board, which now includes a deeper analysis that provides more than just a scouting report. Brandon added player injury history, each player's core strengths and weaknesses, and player comparisons. You can check out the newly minted Football Scout 365 NFL Draft Big Board free by visiting Please let us know what you think.


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