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2023 NFL Draft: Scouting The Top Quarterback Prospects

After a less-than-stellar 2022 NFL QB Draft, the 2023 NFL Draft class will offer NFL teams a lot more variety from top to bottom.

We have added many new features to our NFL Draft big board, including full player analysis, player comparisons, scheme fit, and player strengths and weaknesses.

1st Round Graded Prospects

1. Alabama QB Bryce Young: Young is a 6-0 194lb QB whose game fits a team that runs a pro-spread offense with RPO and pro-style concepts. young's blend of poise and mobility combined with a strong accurate arm and excellent decision making are what set him apart. His size will be a concern at 194 lbs, but if you can get past his size, he is a gamer that can enter the NFL and make an impact on day one.

2. Ohio State QB C.J. Stroud: Stroud is a 6-3 220lb prostyle QB. As a passer, Stroud is accurate with a strong arm. He can fit the football into tight windows, especially on layered throws between LB's and safeties down the middle. His ability to throw outside the numbers beating coverage, and placing the football only where his receiver has the best chance stands out on tape. Not considered to be a great athlete, but he does possess enough speed to make a play with his legs.

3. Kentucky QB Will Levis: Will Levis might be the most creative of the top-rated QB's in the 2023 class. His ability to keep a play alive with his legs is an area that NFL scouts and GM's will fall in love with as he possesses the toolsy style of play of today's top young NFL QB's. He has a big arm; he can make off-platform throws using different arm slots. An area where he is noticeably ahead of a guy like Josh Allen while he was in college is his ability to change his throw pace as needed. As a runner, Levis is a tank who will take on LB's, which is why he draws comparisons to Josh Allen.

Mid To Late First Round Grade

4. Florida QB Anthony Richardson: At 6-4 236lbs, Richardson embodies the word "prototype." Richardson has a big arm and excellent athleticism. His game translates best in a pro-spread offense that blends a mix of play action, RPO's and zone reads. He is an escape artist who is at his best when on the move, creating out of structure. Richardson is considered a developmental talent with notable accuracy issues that must be addressed. His best fit in the NFL will be on a team with a creative head coach or OC. If he can land somewhere where he can sit out for a season, allowing him to learn from a veteran QB, it could enable him to get better acclimated with the speed of the NFL game.

Late First Round, Second Round Graded Prospects

5. Tennessee QB Hendon Hooker: At 6-4 218lbs, hooker possesses the size NFL scouts and GM's want. Hooker translates best at the NFL level in a vertical spread, RPO-style offense. Hooker exhibits accuracy at all levels while possessing good arm strength and solid mobility to keep plays alive in the passing game. Hooker plays with great poise in the pocket. He is willing to stand in and take a shot to make a throw.

6. Stanford QB Tanner McKee: McKee is a 6-6 230lb prostyle QB. His game translates to a west coast style of offense in the NFL. McKee Possesses a quick release and great accuracy at all levels of the field. Considered a traditional pro-style passer, Mckee will not do much creating out of structure like other top prospects in his draft class, but He can stand in the pocket and work his progressions, sidestepping pressure to buy time.


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