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2023 NFL Draft: Scouting The Top Running Back Prospects

The 2023 NFL Draft will provide NFL teams with a lot of depth at the running back position. Can the 2023 RB class rival the great 2017 NFL Draft RB class?

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We have added many new features to our NFL Draft big board, including full player analysis, player comparisons, scheme fit, and player strengths and weaknesses.

Early to Mid 1st Round Draft Grades

1. Texas RB Bijan Robinson: Bijan Robinson is an elusive player who can also play with power. His 6-0 220lb frame is built for the rigors of the NFL. His style translates best in a zone-based offense. Robinson displays great patience and vision, allowing his blocks to set up before showing off his explosive burst. One in the 2nd and 3rd level of a defense, Robinson shows elite contact balance and the ability to make defenders miss in small areas. Robinson can deploy a mean stiff arm to ward off defenders and be counted on in short-yardage and goal-to-go situations. Robinson is as versatile as it gets. He possesses true three-down versatility that translates to the next level. He can run routes in and out of the backfield

Late 1st-2nd Round Draft Grades

2. Alabama RB Jahmyr Gibbs: At 5-11 200lbs, Jahmyr Gibbs is an elusive three-down back who can play in both a zone or gap scheme. As a runner, Gibbs shows an elite burst. He can easily exploit an opening and enter a defense's second and third levels, where defenders have difficulty reeling him in. Gibbs possesses elite balance and good speed, which is why you rarely see him taken down on first contact. Gibbs is an excellent receiver in and out of the backfield. He will need to improve his pass protection at the next level.

2nd-3rd Round Draft Grades

3. UCLA RB Zach Charbonnet: Charbonnet is a 6-1 220lb RB with three-down versatility and a frame made for the NFL. He can excel in a zone or gap-based scheme. In the run game, Charbonnet possesses the power that NFL teams like to see. He can get dirty between the tackles, where he can bounce off of contact and become a nightmare for second and third-level defenders. He plays with good patience and vision and often sees a hole close in advance before bouncing to daylight. For a bigger back, Charbonnet has excellent footwork and lateral movement. Charbonnet can be an upright runner, but that will not deter NFL scouts and GM's looking for a player with size and every down ability.

3rd-4th Round Draft Grades

4. Georgia RB Kenny McIntosh: McIntosh provides three-down versatility with perfect RB size. At 6-1 210lbs, Mcintosh delivers speed and power as a runner. He combines excellent contact balance with the ability to make a defender miss in space. As a receiver, McIntosh has lined up all over the formation while at Georgia to run routes and is a matchup nightmare for opposing LB's. He is a versatile scheme RB entering the NFL.

4th-6th Round Draft Grades

5. Illinois RB Chase Brown: Chase Brown is a 5-11 205 lb RB with good instincts and track speed suitable for a zone-based rushing offense in the NFL. He plays with good vision and patience as a runner, where he will press the line of scrimmage, forcing LB's out of position before bursting off the edge for a long run. He possesses the three-down versatility needed in the NFL. In 2022, he improved his pass-catching ability and provided quite a few highlight moments on catches out of the backfield. There will be questions about his size once he enters the NFL.

6. Syracuse RB Sean Tucker: Sean Tucker is a compact 5-10 210 RB. His fast accelerator drives his big play ability. A track star at Syracuse, Tucker shows his speed and ability to make defenders miss once he enters the 2nd and 3rd levels of a defense. He plays with good balance and can run through contact. There are questions about his three-down versatility. He has to improve his pass protection and as a pass catcher. He did improve as a pass catcher in 2022 and will need to keep improving once he enters the NFL.

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