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2023 NFL Draft: The Top 10 Best Available Day Two Prospects Includes Will Levis, Joey Porter Jr.

The dust may not wholly settle after all of the drama from day one of the 2023 NFL Draft, but the show must go on.

We are approaching the start of day two of the draft, which includes the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

A lot of talent is left on the Football Scout 365 NFL Draft Big Board. Some names include QB Will Levis, Hendon Hooker, and Joey Porter Jr. All three players had 1st round projections attached to them leading up to the start of the draft.

Let's discuss Will Levis.

Within minutes of the draft, Will Levis had -1500 odds of going in the top 5. He was the odds-on favorite to be the Colts QB, and I have a theory as to why this happened without any sources.

The Colt's front office probably mocked every scenario you can imagine, and based on projections throughout the process, Bryce Young, followed by C.J. Stroud, goes 1 and 2. The wildcard was always the Cardinals and what they would do with the 3rd pick. If the Cardinals traded back to a team like the Titans, who had an interest in drafting a QB, the Colts had to be ready for a scenario where if a team jumps them to take the guy they want, they would probably take Will Levis now that we know the guy they wanted is Anthony Richardson.

Is Will Levis good at football?

Yes, he's good, but far from a finished product. The on-field differences are that Levis has more experience, and Richardson is an elite athlete. We could not measure Anthony Richarson's ceiling with the Hubble telescope, so they unveiled the James Webb. Webb's larger primary mirror has six times the light-gathering power of Hubble's primary mirror, and we still don't have a correct read on Richardson's true potential.

Does someone draft Will Levis today?

Yes, it looks promising. The next ten picks include Pittsburgh, Arizona, Detroit, Indianapolis, LA Rams, Seattle, Las Vegas, Carolina, New Orleans, and Tennessee. Seven different teams could take a QB in the next ten picks.

Let's mock the next ten picks.

32. Steelers CB Joey Porter Jr.

33. Cardinals OT Dawand Jones

34. Lions QB Will Levis? QB Hendon Hooker? TE Michael Mayer?

35. Colts WR Jalin Hyatt? IOL Steve Avila?

36. Rams QB Will Levis? QB Hendon Hooker? CB Kelee Ringo?

37. Seahawks QB Will Levis? QB Hendon Hooker? S/NB Brian Branch?

38. Raiders QB Will Levis? QB Hendon Hooker? IOL Steve Avila?

39. Panthers CB Kelee Ringo? LB Drew Sanders?

40. Saints QB Will Levis? QB Hendon Hooker? CB Kelee Ringo? CB D.J. Turner?

41. Titans QB Will Levis? QB Hendon Hooker? IOL Steve Avila

2023 NFL Draft best available include Will Levis, Joey Porter Jr.


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