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2025 NFL Draft: 15 Offensive Tackles To Know Ranked by Total Points Earned Value

The 2024 NFL Draft saw a significant influx of offensive tackle prospects, as a record-breaking eight were selected in the first round. Looking ahead to the 2025 class, early indications suggest a promising pool of talent emerging, making it crucial to closely monitor players during the upcoming 2024 college football season. In the forthcoming analysis, we will spotlight 15 offensive tackles worth noting as we prepare for summer scouting in anticipation of the 2025 NFL Draft, utilizing block percentages and total points earned as key performance evaluation metrics.

15 Offensive Tackles To Watch Ahead of 2025 NFL Draft

Understanding Block Percentage and Total Points Earned for Offensive Linemen

Block Percentage and Total Points Earned are critical statistical measures in football that assess the impact of each play on a team's scoring potential. These metrics are particularly valuable in evaluating offensive linemen, as they quantify how their actions on the field contribute to the team's ability to score and ultimately succeed.

The Significance of Block Percentage and Total Points Earned in Football Analytics

Block Percentage measures the effectiveness of an offensive lineman in executing blocks during pass protection and run blocking. A high block percentage indicates a lineman's ability to maintain blocks, providing time for the quarterback and creating running lanes for the ball carriers.

Total Points Earned is a comprehensive metric that reflects the overall contribution of an offensive lineman to the team's success. This metric takes into account various factors such as blocking efficiency, penalty avoidance, and performance in critical situations. Offensive linemen with high Total Points Earned are often instrumental in executing successful plays that enhance the team's chances of scoring and winning.

By leveraging Block Percentage and Total Points Earned, analysts, coaches, and fans can gain a more nuanced understanding of how strategic play-calling and individual player performances influence the overall game beyond mere statistical outputs.

15 2025 NFL Draft Prospects To Watch Ranked By 2023 Total Points Earned


Total Points Earned: 44.76 (1st)

  • Points Earned Pass Block: 6.97

  • Points Earned Run Block: 37.79

All Blown Block RK: 27th

  • Pass Blown Block %: 2.30%

  • Run Blown Block %: 1.20%

Summary Analysis: Adam Karas excels as a prominent player in the Air Force offensive line, ranking highly nationwide with a total of 44.76 points earned in 2023. His exceptional skill in run blocking is evident, as he earned 37.79 points and effectively boosts the running game. Although he has a 2.30% blown pass block percentage, his reliability in the running game is underscored by a mere 1.20% blown run-block percentage. Standing at 6'4" and weighing 285 pounds, Karas is a valuable asset for Air Force, showcasing proficiency in both run and pass game.


Total Points Earned: 44.33 (2nd)

  • Points Earned Pass Block: 22.87

  • Points Earned Run Block: 21.45

All Blown Block RK: 18th

  • Pass Blown Block %: 1.70%

  • Run Blown Block %: 1.00%

Summary Analysis: After overcoming a major injury in his redshirt freshman season, Riley Mahlman excelled as the nation's second-best offensive tackle by 2023, earning praise from PFF for his pass and run blocking. With consistently low blown block rates, Mahlman's athleticism and reliability make him a valuable asset for Wisconsin. Starting all 13 games at right tackle, he earned a high-level PFF offensive grade, the highest for a Wisconsin lineman and fifth-highest in the Big Ten. Mahlman's PFF pass-blocking grade ranked 13th in the Big Ten. He contributed to Wisconsin's strong offense, helping rush for 314 yards in the season opener and leading the Big Ten in third-down conversions. Additionally, he played a key role in a record-setting UW passing offense with the second-fewest interceptions in program history.


Total Points Earned: 41.31 (4th)

  • Points Earned Pass Block: 10.79

  • Points Earned Run Block: 30.51

All Blown Block RK: 8th

  • Pass Blown Block %: 2.10%

  • Run Blown Block %: 1.80%

Summary Analysis: Xavior Gray, who stands 6'8" tall and weighs 335 pounds, began his professional journey at Akron but later moved to Liberty in 2023. During that year at Liberty, Gray accumulated a total of 41.31 points, showcasing strong performance as a run blocker with 30.51 points earned. His low-blown block rates of 2.10% in pass protection and 1.80% in run blocking highlight his reliability and efficiency.

Surprisingly, he still has two years left to play after a redshirt in 2019 and open eligibility from the 2020 season due to COVID. He’ll be back in Lynchburg in his junior year for an offensive line unit that paved the way for the ninth-highest-scoring offense (38.3 points per game) in the country last year. -Keff Ciardello, Liberty Flames’ Top 10 Returning Players Include Kaidon Salter, Quinton Cooley


Total Points Earned: 40.38 (6th)

  • Points Earned Pass Block: 17.52

  • Points Earned Run Block: 22.86

All Blown Block RK: 42nd

  • Pass Blown Block %: 2.40%

  • Run Blown Block %: 0.90%

Summary Analysis: Josh Conerly Jr. stepped up as a key player for Oregon, showing impressive skills in both pass protection and run blocking. In 2023, Conerly graded highly according to PFF, with notable points earned in both pass blocking (17.52) and run blocking (22.86). His blown block percentage in pass pro was on the higher side in 2023 at 2.40%; he reflects his reliability, with only 2.40% in pass protection and 0.90% in run blocking. Conerly’s strong performance solidifies his status as a top prospect, capable of handling various defensive challenges.


Total Points Earned: 39.46 (8th)

  • Points Earned Pass Block: 16.65

  • Points Earned Run Block: 22.80

All Blown Block RK: 89th

  • Pass Blown Block %: 3.10%

  • Run Blown Block %: 1.20%

Summary Analysis: Caleb Rogers has been a consistent presence on Texas Tech's offensive line, making 41 consecutive starts. In 2023, Rogers earned 39.46 total points, grading highly in both pass blocking (16.65 points) and run blocking (22.80 points), according to PFF. Despite a higher pass-blown block percentage (3.10%), his run-block percentage (1.20%) showcases his dependability. Rogers' flexibility to play multiple positions along the line makes him a valuable player for Texas Tech and a strong NFL prospect.


Total Points Earned: 39.30 (9th)

  • Points Earned Pass Block: 20.58

  • Points Earned Run Block: 18.72

All Blown Block RK: 17th

  • Pass Blown Block %: 1.70%

  • Run Blown Block %: 0.90%

Summary Analysis: Kelvin Banks Jr. has been a standout left tackle for Texas, excelling as a pass protector. Banks graded highly according to PFF, with impressive points earned in both pass blocking (20.58) and run blocking (18.72). His low blown block percentages in pass protection (1.70%) and run blocking (0.90%) further highlight his consistency and skill. Banks’ athleticism and ability to handle both speed and power rushers make him a top prospect for the upcoming draft.


Total Points Earned: 37.77 (10th)

  • Points Earned Pass Block: 23.53

  • Points Earned Run Block: 14.24

All Blown Block RK: 1st

  • Pass Blown Block %: 0.80%

  • Run Blown Block %: 0.90%

Summary Analysis: Ajani Cornelius transitioned seamlessly to Oregon, becoming one of the most reliable offensive linemen in the country. Cornelius earned high marks according to PFF, with standout points in pass blocking (23.53) and solid performance in run blocking (14.24). His exceptionally low blown block percentages in both pass protection (0.80%) and run blocking (0.90%) underscore his reliability and effectiveness on the field. Cornelius’ athleticism and technique make him a top prospect for the NFL.


Total Points Earned: 36.10 (17th)

  • Points Earned Pass Block: 20.32

  • Points Earned Run Block: 15.78

All Blown Block RK: 39th

  • Pass Blown Block %: 2.20%

  • Run Blown Block %: 1.40%

Summary Analysis: Jonah Monheim has shown incredible versatility and skill on USC’s offensive line. In 2023, Monheim earned 36.10 total points, with strong performances in pass blocking (20.32 points) and run blocking (15.78 points), according to PFF. His low blown block percentages, 2.20% in pass protection and 1.40% in run blocking highlight his effectiveness. Monheim's ability to excel in multiple positions along the offensive line makes him an invaluable asset for USC and a top prospect for the NFL.


Total Points Earned: 35.90 (19th)

  • Points Earned Pass Block: 16.61

  • Points Earned Run Block: 19.29

All Blown Block RK: 45th

  • Pass Blown Block %: 2.50%

  • Run Blown Block %: 1.90%

Summary Analysis: Tiger Shanks has shown remarkable growth and consistency on UNLV’s offensive line. In 2023, Shanks earned 35.90 total points, with solid performances in both pass blocking (16.61 points) and run blocking (19.29 points), according to PFF. His low blown block percentages, 2.50% in pass protection and 1.90% in run blocking reflect his reliability and effectiveness. Shanks’ strong performance and ability to create holes in the ground game make him a key player for UNLV and a promising NFL prospect.

Only one of the Mountain West's last 21 draft picks dating back to 2021 has been an offensive lineman. A 6-foot-5, 325-pound tackle, Shanks could change that. The 2023 All-MW first-teamer is entering his fourth year as a starter. -Chris Murray, Mountain West football's top 10 prospects for the 2025 NFL Draft


Total Points Earned: 35.08 (20th)

  • Points Earned Pass Block: 15.63

  • Points Earned Run Block: 19.46

All Blown Block RK: 69th

  • Pass Blown Block %: 3.30%

  • Run Blown Block %: 0.30%

Summary Analysis: Campbell has been a standout left tackle for LSU since his freshman year. His 2022 season was highlighted by a near-elite pass-blocking grade on true pass sets, trailing only Peter Skoronski among Power Five tackles. In 2023, he continued his excellence, ranking fifth among FBS offensive tackles in PFF run-blocking grade. Campbell's upper body strength and hand placement are notable, although his narrow base impacts his pass protection anchor. Despite being an average athlete, his overall skill set makes him a strong candidate for the No. 1 overall pick in the 2025 NFL Draft.


Total Points Earned: 31.50 (48th)

  • Points Earned Pass Block: 11.62

  • Points Earned Run Block: 19.89

All Blown Block RK: 85th

  • Pass Blown Block %: 2.30%

  • Run Blown Block %: 2.20%

Summary Analysis: Wyatt Milum is a standout player in West Virginia's offensive line, excelling in both pass protection and run blocking. In 2023, he achieved a total points earned score of 19.89 in run blocking and 11.62 in pass blocking, despite slightly higher blown block rates. Milum's reliability and performance make him a crucial player and a promising prospect for the future. He has started 32 out of 36 games at tackle, with a streak of 31 consecutive games played. In 2023, he participated in 753 offensive snaps, playing 60 or more snaps in nine games. Milum did not concede a sack or quarterback hit and faced only eight pressures throughout the season. He was recognized for his outstanding performance in various games and was part of the offensive line that led the Power 5 in rushing yards per game and ranked third nationally in the fewest sacks allowed.


Total Points Earned: 29.69 (64th)

  • Points Earned Pass Block: 14.63

  • Points Earned Run Block: 15.06

All Blown Block RK: 77th

  • Pass Blown Block %: 3.10%

  • Run Blown Block %: 1.10%

Summary Analysis: Earnest Greene III has demonstrated significant promise for Georgia in 2023, excelling in both protecting the quarterback and blocking for the running game. PFF has acknowledged Greene's outstanding performance by granting him high ratings in these aspects. In 2023, Greene accumulated a total points earned score of 14.63 and a run-blocking score of 15.06. Despite a slightly higher pass-blown block percentage of 3.10%, Greene's consistent run-blocking rate of 1.10% showcases his reliability. Due to his remarkable athleticism and abilities, Greene is viewed as a potential top prospect for the NFL Draft on day one.


Total Points Earned: 29.26 (67th)

  • Points Earned Pass Block: 19.22

  • Points Earned Run Block: 10.03

All Blown Block RK: 59th

  • Pass Blown Block %: 1.70%

  • Run Blown Block %: 2.70%

Summary Analysis: Jonah Savaiinaea is a reliable asset for Arizona's offensive line, excelling in pass protection with notable points earned in pass blocking (19.22) and satisfactory scores in run blocking (10.03) in 2023. His low pass-blown block percentage (1.70%) demonstrates his effectiveness, but a slightly higher run-blown block percentage (2.70%) indicates room for improvement. With his balance and strong hands, Savaiinaea is a top NFL prospect. In his second season with the Wildcats in 2023, he started all 13 games, ranking second on the team in overall blocking grade and third in run-blocking grade, according to PFF. He only allowed two sacks in 889 snaps. Savaiinaea played a key role in leading the offensive line that helped the team rank 20th in total offense (448.0 yards per game), 8th in passing offense (308.3 yards per game), and 18th in scoring offense (34.6 points per game) nationwide.


Total Points Earned: 27.50 (81st)

  • Points Earned Pass Block: 13.05

  • Points Earned Run Block: 14.45

All Blown Block RK: 122nd

  • Pass Blown Block %: 3.70%

  • Run Blown Block %: 1.70%

Summary Analysis: In 2023, Miller demonstrated strong performance in terms of total points earned for both pass blocking (13.05) and run blocking (14.45). However, his pass blocking showed a higher blown block percentage of 3.70%, while his run blocking had a solid 1.70% rate, indicating areas for improvement. Blake Miller, who was selected for the All-ACC team in 2023, heads into 2024 with 1,949 offensive snaps across 27 games, all of which he started. Despite being a junior, Miller has significant experience as a starting right tackle for Clemson since joining the team before the 2022 season. Nevertheless, his experience and reliability make him a valuable asset for Clemson and a promising prospect for the NFL.


Total Points Earned: 27.01 (89th)

  • Points Earned Pass Block: 13.64

  • Points Earned Run Block: 13.38

All Blown Block RK: 51st

  • Pass Blown Block %: 3.20%

  • Run Blown Block %: 0.00%

Summary Analysis: Emery Jones Jr. has demonstrated consistent improvement and reliability at LSU. In 2023, Jones achieved equal total points earned in both pass blocking (13.64) and run blocking (13.38). While his pass-blown block percentage (3.20%) needs work, his flawless run-blown block percentage (0.00%) underscores his dependability in the running game. With his strength and athleticism, Jones is a crucial player for LSU and a promising prospect for the future. Regarded as one of the top offensive tackles in the nation, Jones partners with Will Campbell to form the best tackle duo in college football at LSU. Since his debut against Mississippi State in week 3 of the 2022 season, Jones has started 24 games, with LSU boasting an 18-6 record when he and Campbell are in the starting lineup.


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