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5 Tool Sports Podcast: WK 4 NFL Review, We Review The Weeks Top NFL Games

5 Tools Sports Podcast Host Woody Massie, 5 Tool Sports Podcast Analyst CJ McLaughlin and Football Scout 365 Analyst Brandon Lundberg review this week's top NFL matchups.

Podcast Details

Brandon (Football Scout 365) and Woody tread through the deep water of NFL week four without the other two team members this week due to schedule conflicts. We found a way to talk enough for an entire hour, and please listen because there is a lot of good info this week, including some fantasy football nuggets sprinkled in. We also lament about Justin Herbert's high upside, the growth of Kyler Murray, and we debate how long Urban Meyer will last in the NFL (I give him until Friday).

Show Order

Show open and news segment: we talk Urban Meyer, and more

The top five NFL game recap: If we do not talk about your team, it is because it would take us 2 hours to cover every game each week because we are long-winded.


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