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Join The 5 Tool Sports Podcast Team Live on The Colorcast App For Ravens vs. Chargers

Join 5 Tool Sports Podcast Host Woody Massie with Analysts Brandon Lundberg and CJ McLaughlin, delivering play-by-play analysis for the Ravens vs. Chargers in real-time. You can listen live from your apple device by downloading the Colorcast app and joining us at the link below.

Link to Join Us Live on Colorcast

Latest 5 Tool Sports Podcast Episode

About Colorcast

Imagine this: athletes, influencers, and average Joes, all sharing their hot-takes on live sports and events—totally unfiltered. Who doesn’t want to hear Snoop talk up Lebron James and the Lakers as they crush their rival Celtics? We’re about Bron Bron. Who doesn’t want to voice their opinion about the State of the Union or the Golden Globes? Hear any live audio commentary on any event.

Coming soon for Android users!

We are now live in the Apple app store! If you are an Android user and interested in being a listener, a caster, or just want to stay in touch with our progress, connect with us!


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