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NFL: Five Notable Trends and Stats Through Two Weeks (Free Access To NFL Advanced Stats)

Weekly NFL Advanced Stats (Free Access For 2020)

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We are now two weeks into the NFL season and with that, we have two weeks worth of data to sift through. This week, we take a look at a few trends leading up to NFL week three.

Fantasy Defenses to Target

Find the Matchups NFL Defenses through two weeks of 2020

As I was compiling information yesterday, one of the most intriguing statistics involved NFL defenses or lack thereof. The Atlanta Falcons are trending towards giving up 2264 PPR points after two weeks, a trend that is a near 500 pts higher than the worst team in 2019 (Arizona), who gave up 1774 PPR points. Following Atlanta, the Seattle Seahawks (2108), Minnesota (1888), and Cleveland (1883). All of these teams are trending above the Cardinals 2019 season total through two weeks.

Josh Jacobs and Derrick Henry Total Volume Trend

Josh Jacobs and Derrick Henry Total Volume Trend

Jacobs and Henry are trending at a 488 total volume rate through two weeks. While Jacobs is averaging a healthy 4.1 yds per opportunity, Henry is at 3.6 yds per opportunity. Both will see some regression in volume trend as the season moves forward, but the regression will most likely lead to higher yds per opportunity number as the season moves on. Just because their total volume trend decreases does not mean they are less valuable. Both are front runners to win the 2020 NFL rushing title.

RedZone TD Leader (Non Passing)

RedZone TD Leader (Non Passing)

Cam Newton, Christian McCaffrey, and Alvin Kamara all have four total TD's. CMC is injured and will not return for at least three weeks after being placed on the IR on Wednesday; therefore, he will regress. Newton has four rush TD's through two weeks. Newton has been a battering ram once the Patriots are inside the five-yard line this season. Expect to see this trend continue for Newton as the season wears on, or until they can get one of his backfield mates to step up. As for Kamara, he has three rush TD's and one receiving, a trend I would expect to see from the Saints until the return of Michael Thomas.

Total Target Leaders

Total Target Leaders

Your top five total target leaders are as follows, Deandre Hopkins (25), Darren Waller (24), Amari Cooper (23), Diontae Johnson (23), and Calvin Ridley (22), tied with Stefon Diggs, D.J. Moore, and A.J. Green for the 4th most targets. Russell Gage is alone with a tie (21) in 5th place through two weeks.

Six Teams Are Running the Football At a 50% Or Higher Rate

Six Teams Are Running the Football At a 50% Or Higher Rate

The teams are; LA Rams (58%), Baltimore Ravens (57%), LA Chargers (57%), New England Patriots (51%), Tennessee Titans (50%), and the Cleveland Browns (50%). The six teams are a combined 9-3 through two weeks.

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