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NFL Podcast: Top 10 NFL QB Debate, We Debate ESPN's Current Top Ten QB Rankings

Today, the Football Scout 365 Podcast team debates/discusses the top 10 QB’s in the NFL, according to ESPN.

As we discuss, it's important to note the context of the rankings. The ESPN top ten surveyed various NFL front office personnel on who they believed belonged in the top ten.

Here's how our process worked: Voters gave us their best ten players at a position, then we compiled the results and ranked candidates based on the number of top-10 votes, composite average, hundreds of interviews, research, and film-study help from ESPN NFL analyst Matt Bowen. More than 50 voters submitted a ballot on at least one position and, in many cases, all positions. We had several ties, so we broke them with the help of additional voting and follow-up calls with our rankers. Each section is packed with quotes and nuggets from the voters on every guy -- even the honorable mentions. -Per ESPN

Based on its survey of experts, Here are ESPN's top 10 quarterbacks heading into the 2022 season.

1. Aaron Rodgers

2. Patrick Mahomes

3. Josh Allen

4. Tom Brady

5. Joe Burrow

6. Matthew Stafford

7. Justin Herbert

8. Russell Wilson

9. Deshaun Watson

10. Dak Prescott


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