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Storylines And Narratives To Watch Ahead Of The Start Of 2022 NFL Training Camp

This week, the Football Scout 365 Podcast team examines the relevant or maybe not-so-relevant offseason hype and narratives ahead of the 2022 NFL fall training camp.

Trey Lance is ready to take the reins in San Francisco.

The Detroit Lions OL has top 5 level potential in 2022.

The Baltimore Ravens offense and Lamar Jackson are ready to get back to their 2019 roots, run, run and run some more.

Under Doug Peterson, Trevor Lawrence will take the next step in 2022.

Who will start at QB for the Steelers?

Baker Mayfield can elevate the Panther's offense in 2022.

Justin Fields can elevate the Bear's offense in 2022.

The New York Jets are the next Bengals.


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