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Tale Of The Tape: Jacksonville Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence NFL Preseason Debut

Stat Line: 7-9, 71 yards, 90.5 QBR

Debut Grade: B-

Football Scout 365 2021 NFL Draft Ranking: 1st overall, #1 overall QB

An Up and Down Performace Still Proves Lawrence Is the Top Talent

The number one overall player drafted in the 2021 NFL draft proved why he is so coveted in a small sample size in his NFL preseason debut on Saturday night. Though his debut was less than stellar, he threw nine passes, completed 7 for 71 yards, fumbled once, and was sacked two times. He posted a 90.5 QBR. Lawrence was indecisive a few times, holding on to the football too long, including one where he took a sack. Lawrence showed off his arm talent on a deep throw to Marvin Jones, which reminded the world why he is considered the best QB in this past draft class. On this single play, he displayed poise, pocket presence, arm strength, and ball placement.

Improvement Is Needed, Lawrence is Not Without Flaw

Like the other QB's I have reviewed thus far, Lawrence will need time to develop his skills at the NFL level. Based on the small sample size, he will likely have some incredible moments where he shows his talent and wows, followed by some head-scratching moments that will have us wondering what the heck just happened.

The Situation Will Factor Into Lawrences Early Development

The reality for Trevor Lawrence is that he is also playing as a rookie in the NFL with a rookie head coach. So the ups and downs might be exacerbated by circumstances early on in his career. Lawrence is still the top talent in the 2021 NFL Draft class, and as long as he continues to improve each week without a lot of wild ups and downs, you can expect he will eventually pull away from the pack.


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