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Tale Of The Tape: San Francisco 49ers QB Trey Lance NFL Preseason Debut

Stat Line: 5-14, 128 yards, 93.7 QBR

Debut Grade: B+

Football Scout 365 2021 NFL Draft Ranking: 20th overall, #5 overall QB

You Can See Why Shanahan Chose Lance

You can also see why Shanahan chose Lance; for starters, Trey Lance's arm is live; he showed it on the 80 yard TD pass; another reason is his poise and presence in the pocket. Lance did a good job not taking off; he trusted his pocket and made some solid throws while tossing a few in harm's way. Lance completed 5 of his 14 throws for 128 yards and a TD.

Trey Lance Is The Future Of The 49ers

The question remains, how long before Lance takes the reigns from Jimmy G? It remains more a matter of not if and more a matter of when. Lance is still a somewhat raw player who will need to have the offense catered around his skillset. Moving pockets and designed rollouts with half-field reads, some zone read, and RPO can make Lance's life easier as a rookie. The truth is, Shanahan doesn't have to unleash Lance at all if he chooses with Jimmy G a more than capable starter, but it may prove too challenging to hold the young, strong-armed rookie back for long if he continues to improve the rest of camp and early in the NFL season.

Trey Lance Oozes Upside

When compared to the other rookie performances, Lance was not perfect, and you cannot argue against the fact he had the best play of the rookies with that 80-yard bomb. The turnover-worthy throws into traffic when there is a clear check down available stood out on Saturday night, but that is something they can easily coach up. Lance is an exceptional talent with a cannon for an arm, and it is only a matter of time before Shanahan decides he is the only true starter for the 49er's offense.


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