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2024 NFL Draft: Best Prospects Still Available Ahead Of Day Three, Troy Franklin, Spencer Rattler, Jaylen Wright and More

Entering Day 3 of the 2024 NFL Draft, here are the best available players, according to our NFL Draft Big Board player rankings.

A lot of talent is still available ahead of day three of the 2024 NFL Draft. In fact, several names still available possess day-one and day-two talent. That is how deep this draft class is.

29). Troy Franklin, WR, Oregon

Troy Franklin is a highly effective player who can excel in a West Coast offense, utilizing his speed and route-running in a timing and precision-based offense.

55). Christian Mahogany, IOL, Boston College

Christian Mahogany is a versatile lineman, effective in both run and pass blocking.

57). Tez Walker, WR, North Carolina

Tez Walker dominates as a vertical threat due to his speed and size, making him ideal for offenses that prioritize deep passing. He needs to develop his route running and blocking.

58). Khyree Jackson, CB, Oregon

Khyree Jackson excels in press coverage, using his length to disrupt receivers effectively. He's best suited for man-to-man defense but needs to improve his agility to handle quicker receivers.

64). Jaden Hicks, S, Washington State

Jaden Hicks is well-suited for a Zone Box/Strong Safety role.

68). Spencer Rattler, QB, South Carolina

Spencer Rattler, known for his arm strength and mobility, fits best in offensive schemes that leverage his ability to make off-platform throws and extend plays.

72). Cam Hart, CB, Notre Dame

Cam Hart is versatile, excelling in both zone and press coverage, making him well-suited for complex defensive schemes that utilize varied coverage strategies.

74). Leonard Taylor III, IDL, Miami

Leonard Taylor III is effective as a 3-technique in even fronts, bringing strong pass-rushing capabilities but needing to improve his consistency against double teams.

75). Johnny Wilson, WR, Florida State

Johnny Wilson uses his size and athleticism to excel at contested catches. He's effective in stretching the defense vertically and using his body to box out.

76). Ja'Tavion Sanders, TE, Texas

Ja'Tavion Sanders excels as a modern receiving tight end, capable of significant contributions in the passing game, particularly in schemes that utilize his after-catch abilities in space.

79). T.J. Tampa, CB, Iowa State

T.J. Tampa is effective as an Outside Zone CB, using his length and agility to disrupt passing lanes. His style fits well with zone-heavy defensive schemes.

80). Brandon Dorlus, IDL, Oregon

Brandon Dorlus displays versatility on the defensive line, effective both on the edge and inside, with strong technique against the run.

83). Javon Baker, WR, UCFJavon Baker is a precise route runner with strong hands, effective at the catch point and suitable for schemes that value precise route running and contested catch ability.

84). Jeremiah Trotter Jr., LB, Clemson

Jeremiah Trotter Jr. is dynamic in run defense and can contribute in pass rush scenarios, fitting well in both 4-3 and 3-4 defensive schemes as a versatile linebacker.

86). Jacob Cowing, WR, Arizona

Jacob Cowing is a potent vertical threat, utilizing his speed and route-running to stretch defenses, making him a significant threat on deep routes.

88). Brenden Rice, WR, USC

Brenden Rice is effective in deep-route scenarios, using his speed and physicality to make plays downfield and in the red zone, suited for vertical and West Coast offenses.

89). Austin Booker, ED, Kansas

Austin Booker is a dynamic edge rusher with a strong first step and variety of moves, best in schemes that utilize his pass-rushing abilities on the edge.

91). Kris Abrams-Draine, CB, Missouri

Kris Abrams-Draine is adaptable to various defensive schemes, with strong coverage skills both in the slot and on the boundary.

92). Jamari Thrash, WR, Louisville

Jamari Thrash fits well in a versatile receiving role, utilizing his skills to gain yards after the catch, suitable for slot roles or secondary outside options in spread offenses.

95). Kalen King, CB, Penn State

Kalen King excels as an Outside Man/Press Cornerback, using his quickness and coverage skills to effectively challenge receivers, fitting aggressive defensive schemes.

99). Josh Newton, CB, TCU

Josh Newton's skill set makes him ideal for zone defenses, leveraging his recognition skills and physicality to excel in press coverage.

100). Jaylen Wright, RB, Tennessee

Jaylen Wright is notable for his speed and playmaking ability, best utilized in schemes that allow him to use his receiving skills and operate in space.

103). Malik Washington, WR, Virginia

Malik Washington is an explosive slot receiver, utilizing his agility and route-running to create separation and make plays after the catch.

104). Bucky Irving, RB, Oregon

Bucky Irving is versatile and dynamic, excelling in outside zone and gap schemes due to his speed and agility, also contributing in the passing game.

105). Audric Estime, RB, Notre Dame

Audric Estime is a powerful back, ideal for ground-and-pound offenses and effective in zone-blocking schemes due to his ability to identify and exploit lanes.

106). Ray Davis, RB, Kentucky

Ray Davis is a power back, ideal for short-yardage situations and zone-blocking schemes, demonstrating good hands and versatility in the passing game.

107). Will Shipley, RB, Clemson

Will Shipley is dynamic and versatile, effective in both zone and power-run schemes due to his vision, agility, and tackle-breaking ability.

108). Sedrick Van Pran, IOL, Georgia

Sedrick Van Pran is highly athletic and intelligent, effective in both power and zone blocking schemes, valued for his mobility and versatility on the line.

109). Isaac Guerendo, RB, Louisville

Isaac Guerendo shows excellent patience and vision, fitting well in zone and gap running schemes due to his speed and power blend.

110). Cedric Gray, LB, North Carolina

Cedric Gray is explosive and versatile, capable of impacting both the run and pass game, fitting well in zone-heavy systems as an inside linebacker.

112). Mason McCormick, IOL, South Dakota State

Mason McCormick is a strong run blocker, best suited for power run strategies, though he needs to improve pass protection and mobility to enhance his versatility.

114). Michael Barrett, LB, Michigan

Michael Barrett is versatile, effective as a hybrid linebacker in both the box and coverage, fitting well in 4-3 or 4-2-5 defensive schemes due to his coverage skills and edge impact.


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