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2024 NFL Draft Position Rankings: Top 5 Running Backs | Pre NFL Combine

We are entering the next stage of the NFL Draft player rankings process. As always, I start with the top 5 quarterbacks (QB), running backs (RB), and wide receivers (WR) before diving into the updated offensive line and top ten defender grades.

We evaluate every player using a proprietary grading process that involves film evaluation combined with advanced data. On the back end, our scouting process mirrors the same process deployed by current NFL front-office personnel so that we can deliver the most in-depth player scouting reports available. All of this is currently free (subject to change).

Each player scouting report includes:

  • In-depth player scouting report

  • Play Style and Scheme Fit Analysis

  • Player Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Player Comparisons

NFL Draft Big Board

The Top 5 RB's

The top 5 RBs, according to our updated 2024 NFL Draft Big Board player rankings, ranked ahead of the 2024 NFL Combine.

(1) Jonathon Brooks, Texas

Ranking Analysis: Jonathon Brooks' 2023 season was remarkable until he succumbed to a season-ending injury. Before the injury, he amassed 1,135 rushing yards on 187 attempts. Brooks has shown the ability to manage a significant workload effectively. Overall, he possesses good vision as a runner and solid contact balance. When he locates daylight, he takes advantage. His adaptability as a receiver, with 25 receptions for 286 yards, emphasizes his all-around game. His proficiency in an inside zone scheme is highlighted by his impressive yards after contact and a rushing grade that solidifies his NFL potential.

Play Style/Scheme: Ideal for inside zone schemes, Brooks leverages his size and agility to navigate through defenses.

Draft Projections

  • Projected NFL Draft Round: Mid-Level (Typically rounds 4-5)

  • Consensus Overall Pick #: 76th

  • NFL Teams Mocked: Packers, Cowboys, Vikings

  • Grade Analysis: Mid-level starter Potential with the ability to exceed expectations and become a solid contributor.

(2) Blake Corum, Michigan

Ranking Analysis: Blake Corum's consistent performance at Michigan, achieving an 84.0 PFF grade in 2023, demonstrates his capability as a dynamic running back. Accumulating 1,245 yards on 258 carries, Corum's agility and vision are his standout traits. His lower center of gravity, balance through contact, and an 83.1 rushing grade make him an effective runner in between the tackles, highlighting his fit in a zone or gap-based blocking scheme.

Play Style/Scheme: Can thrive in any scheme, zone, or gap.

Draft Projections

  • Projected NFL Draft Round: Early (Typically rounds 2-3)

  • Consensus Overall Pick #: 59th

  • NFL Teams Mocked: Cowboys, Ravens, Saints, Eagles

  • Grade Analysis: High-End Starter Potential indicating readiness to become a significant contributor in the NFL.

(3) Jaylen Wright, Tennessee

Ranking Analysis: Jaylen Wright's standout 2023 season at Tennessee, marked by a near-elite PFF grade, highlights his efficiency and dynamic playmaking ability. With 1,010 rushing yards from 136 attempts and an expanded receiving role, Wright's versatility and open-field effectiveness are accentuated by his PFF metrics, including a notable elusive rating and yards after contact per attempt.

Play Style/Scheme: Fits schemes that leverage his speed and receiving skills, emphasizing his utility in space.

Draft Projections

  • Projected NFL Draft Round: 5th

  • Consensus Overall Pick #: 163rd

  • NFL Teams Mocked: Panthers, Bears, Packers

  • Grade Analysis: Mid-Level Starter Potential, with significant upside in a scheme that maximizes his abilities.

(4) Trey Benson, Florida State

Ranking Analysis: Trey Benson's powerful running style at Florida State is highlighted by his 2023 season, where he posted a solid PFF grade. His physicality and ability to power through tackles are underscored by a notable PFF elusive rating and his effectiveness in gaining yards after contact is exactly what you want in a RB.

Play Style/Scheme: Suited for schemes that value power running and versatility, Benson's style translates well to the NFL.

Draft Projections

  • Projected NFL Draft Round: Mid-Level (Typically rounds 4-5)

  • Consensus Overall Pick #: 70th

  • NFL Teams Mocked: Bengals, Packers, Cowboys, Browns

  • Grade Analysis: Mid-Level Starter Potential, indicating the capacity for significant contribution and development into a reliable NFL starter.

(5) Bucky Irving, Oregon

Ranking Analysis: Bucky Irving's dynamic versatility at Oregon showcases his potential as a multifaceted running back. Irving's 1,192 rushing yards on 186 attempts and his receiving output highlight his dual-threat capability. His performance, including a high PFF rushing grade and an exceptional elusive rating, emphasizes his ability in open space and as a receiver out of the backfield.

Play Style/Scheme: Irving shines in schemes that utilize his speed and agility, making him a valuable asset in both the running and passing game.

Draft Projections

  • Projected NFL Draft Round: Mid-Level (Typically rounds 4-5)

  • Consensus Overall Pick #: Bills, Commanders, Patriots

  • Grade Analysis: Mid-Level Starter Potential, with the skill set to outperform expectations and contribute significantly in a versatile role.

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