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Athlete Brand Development Series: Interview W/Mary Hardin Baylor Basketball's McKenzie Cano

Football Scout 365 Founder/Analyst Brandon Lundberg Interviews Mary Hardin Baylor Basketball Player McKenzie Cano. They discuss her background as an athlete, her views and experiences with NIL so far, and more.

This show series will be a part of the Football Scout 365 Athlete Brand Development initiative. You can learn more about our Athlete Brand Development initiative and how you can get involved by visiting the Athlete Brand Development Home Page.

Todays Show Focus

Today we have a special guest interview with McKenzie Cano; she is a freshman College Basketball Player at Mary Hardin Baylor in Texas. McKenzie played high school basketball at Mason Highschool, a 2A program in West Texas; she is considered a dynamic post player who could be impactful early on as a freshman at Mary Hardin Baylor. She was a four-year varsity player in high school who earned a two-time Texas Association of Basketball Coaches honorable mention while achieving first-team All-District honors twice.

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