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Athlete Brand Development Series: NIL Discussion W/5 Tool Sports Podcast Analysts

Today, Host and Football Scout 365 Founder/Analyst Brandon Lundberg is joined by his podcast partners Nate Parker and C.J. McLaughlin from the 5 Tool Sports Podcast to discuss the newest phenomenon sweeping college sports, name, image, and likeness.

Below is an outline of events that we discuss in this first episode of Athlete Brand Development.

Supreme Court Rules Against The NCAA

On June, 21st 2021, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the NCAA (NCAA v. Alston) in favor of student-athletes in a rare yet unanimous 9-0 decision.

NCAA Announces Interim Name Image and Likeness Policy

The biggest day in the history of collegiate athletics occurred on July 1st, 2021, when the NCAA released a statement announcing an interim policy allowing student-athletes to monetize using their name, image, and likeness.

Mark Emmert's Recent Statements Post NIL Decision

In a 30-minute interview with a small group of reporters, Emmert stressed he was not putting forth a mandate or even a recommendation. But he laid out a vision for the future of college sports that puts fewer limitations on athletes and de-emphasizes the role of a national governing body like the NCAA, founded 115 years ago and oversees more than 450,000 students who play sports.

Todays Show Focus

Brandon provides his theory on the future of major college football, leading into the panel discussion with 5 Tool Sports Podcast Analysts C.J. McLaughlin and Nate Parker.

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