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NFL Draft Analysis Process Explained

Football Scout 365 NFL Draft Analysis

The goal of this

exercise is to identify the top five players at each position before the NFL Draft using NFL scouting combine measures and NFL scouting report information to score each player.

Combine Grades:

Top 5 combined scores will be worth a bonus point. For example, If a player runs a top five forty yard dash by position at the combine that player will get 1 point added to his overall draft grade. Combine scores will not receive a (-1) negative rating unless the score is a lousy outlier grade of a top prospect and needs more in-depth evaluation.

NFL Scouting Reports:

Every player entering the NFL draft will have an NFL scouting evaluation that discusses the player’s strengths and weaknesses. Every position will be scored based on relevant scouting evaluation information. The scores will grade on a 1 for a good evaluation -1 for a negative evaluation.

Once we have the top five players identified at every position we can add them to the top 40 NFL Draft prospects list. Once the top 40 players have been identified, we can begin our final review. The final evaluation takes a more in-depth look at all 40 players using film analysis, and previous year’s stats and accomplishments. Once the final review has been finished, and all scores are final, we can begin to project what round each of our top 40 players will likely be picked up in the NFL draft.


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