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Mock Draft 1.0: Chicago Bears Trade Back, Atlanta Falcons Draft Caleb Williams | 2024 NFL Draft

The regular season is over, and the NFL playoffs are before us. Mock Draft 1.0 will cover the 18 non-playoff teams and the post-wildcard weekend teams from picks 19-24.

What Will the Chicago Bears Do With The Number One Overall Pick?

In the midst of a heated debate over the Chicago Bears' number one overall pick in the NFL Draft, the core dilemma revolves around whether to move on from Justin Fields or to reinforce the quarterback (QB) position by drafting another QB, possibly using Fields' 5th-year option.

Should The Bears Move On From Eberflus, Getsy, or Both?

In addition, you must also weigh the decision to retain or not retain head coach Matt Eberflus and OC Luke Getsy. There's a strong argument for resetting not just the QB position but also the coaching staff, given their previous failure to fully utilize Fields, particularly highlighted by lackluster play calling, as seen in the game against the Green Bay Packers to end the regular season.

Should You Draft For The Best Fit or The Highest Ceiling?

This strategy raises questions about whether a new QB, like Caleb Williams, would flourish under the current staff. They have had two years with Justin Fields and they have provided mixed results.

What I Would Do If I Were Ryan Poles

Personally, I would take a bold approach: firing Luke Getsy, exercising Fields' 5th-year option, and trading back in the 2024 Draft, preferably with the Atlanta Falcons, to remain within the top 10 and potentially secure prospects like Michael Penix or Jayden Daniels, while also acquiring additional 1st-round picks. This mock draft strategy emphasizes a trade with the Falcons, a move that could offer more value than trading Fields himself.

We evaluate every player using a proprietary grading process that involves film evaluation combined with advanced data. On the back end, our scouting process mirrors the same process deployed by current NFL front-office personnel so that we can deliver the most in-depth player scouting reports available. All of this is currently free (subject to change).

Each player scouting report includes:

  • In-depth player scouting report

  • Play Style and Scheme Fit Analysis

  • Player Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Player Comparisons

So, here is the initial non-playoff team mock draft 1.0, considering the potential tradeback by the Chicago Bears.

1). Atlanta Falcons (Via CHI, Via CAR) (Needs: QB, WR, Edge, CB, DT)

  • Pick: Caleb Williams, QB, USC

  • Reason: Williams is chosen for his electrifying dual-threat abilities, fitting into an offensive scheme that exploits his mobility and strong arm. His dynamic skill set is reminiscent of NFL quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes and Kyler Murray, making him the ideal franchise quarterback for Atlanta.

2). Washington Commanders (Needs: QB, Edge, OT, WR, IOL)

  • Pick: Drake Maye, QB, North Carolina

  • Reason: Maye, a mobile pocket passer with mechanics similar to Justin Herbert and athleticism akin to Colin Kaepernick, is selected. His dual-threat capabilities make him a perfect fit for the Commanders' offense, leveraging his mobility for dynamic playmaking. 

3). New England Patriots (Needs: QB, TE, OT, WR, Edge)

  • Pick: Michael Penix Jr., QB, Washington

  • Reason: Penix, with his mobile left-handed playstyle and ability to execute RPOs and play-action, combined with elite accuracy, is exactly what you need in an offense devoid of WR's who can separate.

4). Arizona Cardinals (Needs: WR, DT, IOL, Edge, CB)

  • Pick: Marvin Harrison Jr., WR, Ohio State

  • Reason: Harrison, known for his size, speed, and ball skills, is selected to complement Kyler Murray. His ability in contested catches and deep-route running makes him a valuable asset for Arizona's vertical passing offense.

5). Los Angeles Chargers (Needs: CB, RB, DT, Edge, TE)

  • Pick: Brock Bowers, TE, Georgia

  • Reason: Bowers is chosen for his versatility and athletic ability, fitting well in a scheme that values dynamic, pass-catching tight ends. His playing style, compared to NFL stars like George Kittle and Travis Kelce, adds a new dimension to the Chargers' offense.

6). New York Giants (Needs: DT, RB, IOL, Edge, OT)

  • Pick: Rome Odunze, WR, Washington

  • Reason: Odunze is selected for his deep-threat and contested catch ability. The Giants need a lot, but adding an elite WR of this caliber and skillset is a perfect fit.

7).Tennessee Titans (Needs: OT, CB, WR, Edge, RB)

  • Pick: Joe Alt, T, Notre Dame

  • Reason: Alt, known for his athleticism and technical skills, is chosen for his fit in zone-blocking schemes. His ability in sealing the edge and executing reach blocks makes him an asset in enhancing Tennessee's outside-zone run game and pass protection.

8). Chicago Bears (Via ATL) (Needs: IOL, WR, TE, Edge, QB)

  • Pick: Jayden Daniels, QB, LSU

  • Reason: Daniels is selected for his dual-threat capabilities, fitting into an offensive scheme that should emphasize RPOs and QB mobility. In this scenario, the Bears would keep Justin Fields and roll the dice with Daniels. Both players are similar; Daniels can replace Fields either in 2025 or you can trade Fields before the 2024 trade deadline. 

9). Chicago Bears (Needs: IOL, WR, TE, Edge, QB)

  • Pick: Malik Nabers, WR, LSU

  • Reason: Nabers, a versatile receiver with good route-running ability, can be paired with D.J. Moore, Justin Fields, and his former LSU QB Jayden Daniels. His style, similar to players like Garrett Wilson and Odell Beckham Jr., makes him a great fit for offenses that rely on short passes and timing routes.

10). New York Jets (Needs: OT, WR, S, DT, QB)

  • Pick: Olumuyiwa Fashanu, T, Penn State

  • Reason: Fashanu is selected for his power-based style and remarkable athleticism. His versatility makes him a fit for any scheme, shining especially in a power-running offense. His skills and style draw comparisons to players like Tristan Wirfs and Ronnie Stanley.

11). Minnesota Vikings (Needs: QB, Edge, OG, LB, DT)

  • Pick: J.J. McCarthy, QB, Michigan

  • Reason: McCarthy is selected for his exceptional speed and arm strength. His ability to make quick decisions and extend plays fits well in various offensive schemes, making him a strong choice for Minnesota's future QB, and if they retain Kirk Cousins, McCarthy will have a chance to sit down and learn the position for a season or two.

12). Denver Broncos (Needs: QB, DT, TE, CB, Edge)

  • Pick: Jer'Zhan Newton, IDL, Illinois

  • Reason: Newton, known for his quickness and technical skills, is chosen for his fit in versatile defensive schemes. His explosive athleticism and refined hand technique make him a valuable addition to the Broncos' defensive front.

13). Las Vegas Raiders (Needs: QB, IOL, DT, OT, RB)

  • Pick: Kool-Aid McKinstry, CB, Alabama

  • Reason: McKinstry is chosen for his excellent zone coverage skills and versatility in various alignments. His effectiveness in bump and run and solid tackling ability make him a strong fit for the Raiders' complex defensive schemes.

14). New Orleans Saints (Needs: OT, OG, Edge, CB, DT)

  • Pick: Taliese Fuaga, OT, Oregon State

  • Reason: Fuaga, known for his strong run blocking and solid pass protection, is selected. His fit in a power running scheme where he can maximize his run-blocking abilities makes him an excellent choice for the Saints' offensive line.

15). Indianapolis Colts (Needs: DT, WR, Edge, CB, LB)

  • Pick: Cooper DeJean, CB, Iowa

  • Reason: DeJean is chosen for his suitability in zone and off-man schemes. His size and athleticism make him a versatile fit for the Colts' secondary, enhancing their defensive backfield.

16). Seattle Seahawks (Needs: LB, IOL, DT, Edge, S)

  • Pick: Jared Verse, ED, Florida State

  • Reason: Verse, a multifaceted edge rusher, is selected for his adaptability in various defensive schemes. His potential in both 4-3 and 3-4 defenses, similar to players like Josh Sweat and Harold Landry, makes him a valuable asset for Seattle's defense.

17). Jacksonville Jaguars (Needs: Edge, OG, DT, WR, OT)

  • Pick: Dallas Turner, ED, Alabama

  • Reason: Turner, a versatile edge rusher, is chosen for his flexibility in both 4-3 and 3-4 defenses. His power-based pass-rushing techniques and agility, drawing comparisons to players like Haason Reddick, enhance Jacksonville's pass rush.

18). Cincinnati Bengals (Needs: WR, OT, DT, TE, CB)

  • Pick: J.C. Latham, OT, Alabama

  • Reason: Latham is selected for his power-based approach and unmatched athleticism. His versatility, ideal for a power-running offense and drawing comparisons to players like Tyron Smith, makes him a strong addition to the Bengals' offensive line.

Playoff Teams:

19). Los Angeles Rams (Needs: CB, Edge, LB, S, K)

  • Pick: Laiatu Latu, ED, UCLA

  • Reason: The Rams pick Latu to strengthen their pass rush. His standout qualities include quickness, body control, and hand usage. Despite needing improvement in power, his fit in the Rams' defensive scheme and potential for immediate impact make him a vital addition.

20). Pittsburgh Steelers (Needs: CB, OT, IOL, S, LB)

  • Pick: Nate Wiggins, CB, Clemson

  • Reason: Wiggins is selected to bolster the Steelers' secondary, offering efficiency of motion, range, and closing speed. His adaptability in coverage and skill in tracking and intercepting passes fit perfectly with the Steelers' need for a dynamic cornerback.

(21). Miami Dolphins (Needs: IOL, S, WR, DT, TE)

  • Pick: Keon Coleman, WR, Florida State

  • Reason: Coleman is chosen for his physical attributes and ball skills, enhancing the Dolphins' receiving corps. While he needs to improve deep speed and route running, his ability in contested situations and red zone threat make him a valuable asset for Miami's offense.

(22). Philadelphia Eagles (Needs: RB, EDGE, CB, TE, DT)

  • Pick: Chop Robinson, ED, Penn State

  • Reason: Robinson's selection meets the need for an edge defender with high energy and aggression. His explosiveness and quickness make him a disruptive force, fitting well as a stand-up EDGE in a 3-4 defense or as a designated pass rusher.

(23). Houston Texans (Acquired from Cleveland Browns) (Needs: OT, DT, CB, Edge, WR)

  • Pick: Terrion Arnold, CB, Alabama

  • Reason: Arnold is drafted to improve the Texans' secondary. His physicality, athleticism, and tackling skills, although needing refinement in technique, make him a strong fit for Houston's defensive scheme, particularly in press-man coverage.

(24). Dallas Cowboys (Needs: OT, RB, C, CB, LB)

  • Pick: Amarius Mims, T, Georgia

  • Reason: Mims is selected to address the Cowboys' need at tackle, particularly given Tyron Smith's situation. His combination of size, strength, and agility make him a versatile fit for Dallas's offensive line, both in pass protection and run blocking.

Falcons Draft Caleb Williams


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