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2018 NFL Draft: Top 5 Players at Each Position.

2018 NFL Draft Class Top 5 QB's.

Football Scout 365's number one QB draft prospect Baker Mayfield can be an immediate plug and play option if drafted into the right system.

Baker Mayfield is by all measures the most polished ready to plug and play QB in this years NFL draft. The one consistent knock on Baker Mayfield has been his size when compared to other top prospects such as Josh Rosen, or Sam Darnold. According to our analysis, Baker Mayfield Checks all the boxes except for Prototypical NFL size. If drafted by the right organization, and in the right system Mayfield can flourish quicker than any of the other Prospects out of the gate. Below is a quick overview of his career stats in college;

Mayfield has been atop college footballs overall efficiency measure for two years in a row (198.9 2017), and (196.3 2016), was also ranked 3rd in total efficiency in 2015 with an overall rating of 173.3. Mayfield's ability goes further than box scores and stats. He has great awareness and his ability to extend plays with his legs while keeping his eyes downfield separates him from the rest of the QB's on our top five list.

Mayfield is a decisive decision maker in the pocket. His ability to operate at a high level on the biggest stage is unmatched with regard to the other top prospects in the 2018 QB class.

In 2017 against Ohio State on the road in primetime Baker Mayfield completed passes to nine different targets, none of which had more than 98 yards total in the game. He facilitated masterfully against a top defense on the road. The sooner run game was noon existent averaging 2.8 yards per attempt. Still, Mayfield was able to manage the game making quick decisions and spreading the football around through the air to 9 different targets against arguably the nations top defensive front.

Mayfield can be a plug and play option if drafted in the right spot. The best fit for Mayfield would be the Saints in the same system the undersized Drew Brees has flourished in for years. Regardless of Mayfield's destination, the team who does draft Mayfield will have the ultimate competitor. But his success will be dependent on a coach who is willing to mold his offense around the player and not the other way around. A case in point is how Philadelphia coach Doug Pederson simplified his offensive approach to feature a more college-centric style adding RPO's (run, pass, option) for Carson Wentz.

2018 NFL Draft Class Top 5 RB's.

Football Scout 365's number one overall draft prospect Saquan Barkley is a generational talent.

The 2018 NFL Draft is loaded with versatile running back talent. The leader of the running back class is, of course, Saquan Barkley. Barkley shined at the NFL combine in Indianapolis just a few short weeks ago in all areas posting a 4.4-second 40-yard dash, threw up 29 reps of 225 on the bench, and topped it off with a 41 inch vertical. Barkley is an every-down back who can block effectively in pass pro, and line up wide, or in the slot. Barkley tops our top 40 list and is Football Scout 365's favorite to be drafted number one overall by the Cleveland Browns in the 2018 NFL draft.

2018 NFL Draft Class Top 5 WR's.

Football Scout 365's number one WR prospect Antonio Callaway is projected by many to be a 3rd rounder due to his off of the field issues. Callaway has explosive playmaking ability in three areas, WR, KR, PR.

Callaway is a burner with solid route running skills that can translate at the next level and is also unafraid to take hits when running underneath routes. He exhibits excellent hands and deep threat ability. While playing at Florida, Callaway was not part of a prolific attack. Florida has suffered from inconsistent QB play at Florida. But the Lackluster Florida offense still did nothing to stop Callaway from finding ways to make plays. He started 13 games as a freshman and snagged 35 balls for 675 yds at 19.28 yds per grab. He also averaged 15 yds per punt return, and returned two for TD's. As a sophomore Callaway grabbed 54 catches for 721 yds and three touchdowns.

The knock on Callaway is his height as a receiver (5'11"), and his off the field trouble. Before the start of the 2017 College Football season, he and several other teammates were involved in a credit card fraud scheme that resulted in his suspension the entire 2017 season.

Callaway checks a lot of boxes as a receiver. His versatility is what stands out. Callaway is not going to be a first-round pick and likely ends up in the 3rd or 4th round, but he certainly will be a high end get on day two of the NFL draft for a team willing to take a risk on a guy with off-field issues in his recent past.

2018 NFL Draft Class Top 5 TE's.

Football Scout 365's top TE Prospect Mike Gesicki is a versatile athlete who can excel at TE and can flex out wide.

Gesicki excelled at the NFL combine by recording a 41.5-inch verticle, 129-inch long jump, 4.54 40 yard dash and 22 reps on the bench. He ranked number among all TE in the combine at three of the four events, ranking number two on the bench press. Gesiscki has been a top tier versatile athlete since high school where he also was a star basketball and volleyball player. Gesicki is a master at using his big frame to body defenders in jump ball situations. His size and speed is a matchup nightmare for linebackers and safeties. Whoever drafts Gesicki will be getting an instant impact player who could be a starter in year one. Gesicki is a day one talent and possible 1st round pick.

2018 NFL Draft Class Top 5 OL.

Football Scout 365's top OL prospect Will Hernandez shined at the NFL combine and has first round potential.

Hernandez was a relative unknown at the guard position coming out of UTEP until his performance at the 2018 NFL combine. Hernandez is a consistent player, who ran a faster than expected 40. He exhibited high-level strength and posted 37 reps on the bench. He has the strength to move defenders with only one arm and plays with good leverage. At 348 lbs he moves very well laterally. He can get to the second level with linebackers in zone blocking schemes, he can man block, and his deceptive speed on any running play that requires a pulling guard is more than adequate. His performance at the NFL combine helped him move into day one draft conversations. There are some analyst out there that believe a team may take him late in round one.

2018 NFL Draft Class Top 5 DL.

Football Scout 365's top DL Prospect Bradley Chubb has number one overall potential.

Chubb is game-changing defensive end who could have easily been a first rounder in 2017's NFL draft. Chubb is an edge setter, who is capable of dropping into coverage if needed. He is a high motor guy who can be found 15-20 yds downfield making a tackle with secondary players. He uses violent hands to thwart off blockers and get into the backfield. His size and athletic ability combined are what make him a 1st round talent. One improvement area for a lot of defensive lineman coming out of college is consistent low pad level. Chubb can play with a high pad level at times and will need to improve his consistency in this area to be at his best in the NFL. His draft potential is a day one top ten pick.

2018 NFL Draft Class Top 5 LB's.

Football Scout 365's number one LB prospect is Malik Jefferson. Jefferson's speed and lateral quickness mixed in with great football instincts places him at the top of our LB rankings.

Jefferson is a day one talent and has NFL size and high-end linebacker speed. His skill set translates well as a defender against the NFL's evolving spread offenses. He is solid in coverage and has good makeup speed. He can match up with a RB in space and exhibits solid football instincts and reaction. Jefferson shined at the combine running a 4.5 40 yard dash and posted 27 reps on the bench. Jefferson is still relatively young and left Texas as a true junior. The knock on Jefferson is his ability to get off of blocks; this is something he will need to improve. His draft potential is day one, round one.

2018 NFL Draft Class Top 5 CB's.

Football Scout 365's number one CB Prospect is Denzel Ward who ran a 4.32 40 at the combine. What he lacks in Physicality, he makes up for with footwork and excellent recovery ability.

Ward is a very talented cornerback who waited his turn behind first-round talents in 2016 (Conley and Lattimore). Ward will be another 1st round defensive back coming out of Ohio State. His speed is elite as he demonstrated at the combine running a 4.32 40 yard dash. His excellent footwork, recovery speed make up for his physical deficiencies. Ward is a 5'10" corner that lacks the physicality that a lot of NFL coaches and GM's are looking for. But those same NFL Coaches and GM's cannot ignore his stability in both man or zone schemes and the fact he played in an NFL system under Greg Schiano at Ohio State. His instincts and ability to read and react quickly will get him drafted day one. Wards draft potential is day one round one.

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