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2020 NFL Week Two: High Impact Game of The Week Seahawks vs Patriots Reviewed

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High Impact Play Rate And Every Play Analysis

Our High Impact Game of The Week will highlight a different team each week during the NFL season by taking a more in-depth look at the matchup using our High Impact Play Rate analysis combined with our every play analysis.

What is High Impact Play Rate?

High Impact Play Rate accounts for big in-game moments such as sacks, turnovers, TFL's, and explosive plays. Our High Impact Play Rate analysis works as a diagnostic tool created to help identify the critical areas of focus when performing an every play film review.

What is an Every Play Analysis?

We created a customizable (to fit your needs) every play evaluation process made for coaches that analyzes every situation, from down & distance, field position, offensive and defensive personnel groupings, play type, and play area. The custom analysis process can use 70 different metrics, more or less, based on your needs.

Seattle vs. New England Game Report and Final Review.

Our High Impact Play game of the week featured the Seattle Seahawks vs. the New England Patriots.

Our initial belief that the game results would come down to one play held firm as the Seattle Seahawks defense would be on the right side of our game projection.

With three seconds to go in the game, the Patriots were at the Seattle one-yard line. The Patriots would line up in the shotgun formation, 12 personnel with a "move" or "H" (TE) in the backfield who motions out to the left inline position presnap.

The Patriots run a play that they have run the past two weeks with great success. The Seahawks were ready to defend the QB power. They filled each of the ten gaps created by the Patriots OL and TE's upfront forcing Cam to move laterally instead of downhill.

The key once the Seahawks managed to fill all available gaps between the TE's would be to gain leverage on the outside. If executed to perfection, Newton would have been able to squeeze through the crease created by inline TE left and the kick block of his FB vs. the safety. Rather than standing up and allowing the larger FB gain leverage, the Safety (Delano Hill) submarines the FB into the run lane, leaving Newton without an open crease and allowing his defensive teammates to scrape through the traffic to finish off any chance Newton had at daylight.

The surprise of the game was the Patriot's secondary surrendering 5 TD passes. Three of the TD's were passes downfield of more than 20 yds, including a 54 yard TD to D.K. Metcalf vs. Stephon Gilmore.

Seattle is now the NFC West front runner, followed by the Rams, who have also been very impressive. Russell Wilson is your early NFL MVP front runner.

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