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2023 NFL Draft QB Rookie Review: Anthony Richardson Proved His Elite Potential Before Injury

Reviewing The Top 2023 NFL QB Draft Picks (Rookie Review: Anthony Richardson)

Here is an organized evaluation of former Florida QB and current Indianapolis Colts QB Anthony Richardson, considering his scouting report, early NFL performance, and player comparisons. Rookie Review: Anthony Richardson.


  • Position: Quarterback

  • College: Florida

  • Height: 6'4" (6036 in scouting notation)

  • Weight: 244 pounds

  • Drafted: 4th overall by the Indianapolis Colts in the 2023 NFL Draft

NFL Career Start:

  • Richardson's rookie season ended prematurely due to a season-ending shoulder surgery.

  • Played in four games, completing 50 of 84 pass attempts for 577 yards, three touchdowns, and one interception.

  • Demonstrated his dual-threat capabilities with 136 rushing yards and four rushing touchdowns.

Scouting Report:

  • Embodies the prototype quarterback with a big arm and excellent athleticism.

  • Best suited for a pro-spread offense blending play-action, RPOs, and zone reads.

  • Noted as a developmental talent with accuracy issues needing improvement.

  • Ideal fit would be with a creative head coach or offensive coordinator, potentially benefiting from a year of learning.

Primary Scout:

  • Brandon Lundberg

Key Strengths:
  • Big Arm

  • Excellent Athleticism

  • Escape Artist Capabilities

Key Weaknesses:
  • Accuracy Issues

  • Developmental Aspects

Combine and Athleticism Scores:
  • 40-Yard Dash: 4.43 seconds

  • Vertical Jump: 40.5 inches

  • Broad Jump: 10' 9''

Assessment of Anthony Richardson Based on Early NFL Performance and Scouting Report:

Although cut short, Richardson's early NFL performance provided glimpses into his potential and the areas needing development highlighted in his scouting report.

  • Arm Strength and Athleticism: The 577 passing yards and four rushing touchdowns in just four games indicate his strong arm and athleticism. These attributes align with his scouting report, showcasing his ability as a dual-threat quarterback.

  • Developmental Aspects: His accuracy issues, a noted weakness, are hard to fully evaluate given the short span of play. However, the limited interceptions suggest some level of efficiency.

  • Scheme Fit and Playstyle: Richardson's fit in the Colts' offense, focusing on spread-based and RPO concepts, appears promising. His injury, unfortunately, limits the assessment of his full integration into this system.

  • Learning and Adaptation: The season-ending injury and consequent surgery provide an unintended opportunity for Richardson to learn and adapt from the sidelines, potentially addressing some developmental needs.

In conclusion, Anthony Richardson's brief rookie season displayed the strengths outlined in his scouting report, particularly his arm strength and athleticism. His development as a passer remains an area to watch, especially in terms of accuracy. The injury and early end to his season emphasize the importance of durability and adaptability for Richardson moving forward. His future potential in the NFL remains high, contingent on his recovery and continued development.


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