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2021 NFL Season Preview Guide: All NFL Preseason Content In One Place

Free agency, the NFL Draft, and the NFL schedule release have all concluded. Rookie mini camps have started, and we are in the midst of player and team rankings season. So to make all of our content easily accessible, we will include all of our offseason/preseason NFL content in one easy-to-access area for the remainder of the offseason. Be sure to bookmark this page for your convenience. The Football Scout 365 offseason preview content will run through August.

Access all Football Scout 365 content for free with just an email and no credit card needed until August 15th, 2021. Restrictions may apply.

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Pre Draft and Free Agency Analysis How We Grade Players and Teams

We have revamped the way we compile and determine a player's grade. We started off with a grading system used when evaluating NFL Draft prospects. We have now put together a comprehensive grade scale for all players, both college and pro. Let's examine the two individual player grade scales.


All Free Agency Analysis

Predraft and NFL Free Agency Team Situational Analysis

The Football Scout 365 NFL situational team analysis examines every NFL team's current offseason structure. We combine every NFL team's current salary cap spend by position with our offensive and defensive situational team grades from the previous season using our every play situational team analysis. The analysis provides valuable information when projecting potential offseason free agency moves and how each team may approach the NFL Draft.


2021 NFL Free Agency Player Analysis

Football Scout 365's free agency analysis offers in-depth free agency market analysis and player rankings based on individual player market value.


2021 NFL Salary Analysis Tool

Our NFL player and positional salary analysis tool can be used to project potential player market value during NFL free agency.


All Pre Draft Analysis

2021 Football Scout 365 NFL Draft Big Board

The Football Scout 365 NFL Draft big board offers pre-draft player scouting reports, grades, and analysis.

2021 Pre Draft Position Rankings

Offensive Positional Rankings


Defensive Positional Rankings

IDL, Edge, LB, CB, S


Football Scout 365 Final 2021 NFL Mock Draft

The Football Scout 365 Mock Draft List includes several different NFL Draft variations. The goal is to identify the different draft scenarios for each team, such as possible trades, combined with team needs.


All Post-2021 NFL Draft Analysis

2021 Football Scout 365 NFL Draft Team Grades

2021 NFL Draft: The Final NFL Draft Grades For All 32 NFL Teams


2021 Football Scout 365 NFL Draft First Round Draft Grades

The first round provided us with a few surprises, as always. The first seven picks were from the offensive side of football (NFL Draft record). The draft order changed a few times as teams were moving back after their potential primary targets were off the board, and one team of note moved up, the Chicago Bears, who got a steal at pick #11 with Ohio State QB Justin Fields.


2021 NFL Draft: NFL Draft Overview, Positional Round Value, and Average Positional Grades

The NFL has been evolving into a more pass-heavy league in recent years, and that curve does not look like it will flatten anytime soon as the NFL. As you can see we highlighted above, there were 8 QB's selected in the first three rounds (NFL record), and 14 OT's were chosen between rounds 1-3 (also an NFL record).


2021 Pre-Season NFL Player/Team Grades, Rankings, Analysis, Strength Of Schedule, And More.

2021 Preseason NFL Player, Team Grades Dashboard (Beta)

NFL Player and team grade analysis for all 32 NFL teams. The grading scale uses variables based on each player's positional focus through advanced metrics such as pressure rate and sacks for pass rushers. Each tier carries an average value based on the previous season's data and current year projections. Click here to learn more about the grade scale and Football Scout 365 Grade process.

2021 Preseason NFL Overall Team Top 10 Grades/Rankings


2021 Preseason NFL Overall Team Offense Top 10 Grades/Rankings


2021 Preseason Tier One NFL Individual Player Passing Grades and Rankings


2021 Preseason Tier One NFL Individual Player Rushing Grades and Rankings


2021 Preseason Tier One NFL Individual Player Receiver Grades and Rankings


Preseason Top 5 NFL (Team) Run Blocking Grades, Teams Poised To Dominate On The Ground In 2021


Preseason Top 5 NFL (Team) Pass Blocking Grades Teams Poised To Lead The NFL In Lowest Number Of Pressures Allowed, and Least Sacks Allowed in 2021.


2021 Preseason NFL Overall Team Defense Top 10 Grades/Rankings Click Here


Preseason Top 5 NFL (Team) Pass Rush Grades For 2021, The Teams Whose Pass Rush Project At The Top Of The NFL In 2021


Preseason Top 5 NFL (Team) Pass Cover Grades


Preseason Top 5 NFL (Team) Run Stop Grades


Five NFL WR's Poised To Take Their Game To The Next Level In 2021


Preseason NFL Fantasy Football Analysis and Projections

NFL Player Stat Projections and Fantasy Points Projection Dashboard

Fantasy football projections allow you to go into your fantasy football drafts, leagues, DFS contests, and best-ball leagues with added confidence. Our fantasy football player projections focus on player volume (total opportunities) and pts per touch. Fantasy football is a volume-based game, and winning your league is all about making every opportunity count, and that's where points per opportunity play an essential role. Our research uses three years of data for current NFL players; some players only have one or two years' worth of data, so we locate comparable players from years past to identify positive or negative regression characteristics such as average top-five WR's from the last five years that were entering their second year in the league. The data we collect allows us to make informed projections that we can deliver for fantasy or player props.


NFL Personnel Group Usage, Analysis, and Trends Since 2018 Check Out The New Dashboard


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