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2022 NFL Draft Profile: Arkansas WR Treylon Burks

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Player Profile

Recruiting Profile: Click Here

Position: WR

Height: 6-3

Weight: 225

Year: Junior

Jersey Number: 16

Offensive Scheme: Kendal Briles

Offensive Coordinator: Veer and Shoot, RPO Heavy

Games Reviewed: 2021 Alabama, 2021 Ole Miss, 2021 Texas A&M, 2021 Auburn, 2021 Georgia

Position Specific Critical Factors

Hands (7) Very Good

The best WR's in football display great hands; they can snatch or pluck the football when in tight coverage or the wide-open field. Some receivers use their bodies when catching and therefore need more development as hands catchers.

Separation (6) Very Good

A player's ability to separate from a defender while running a route is dependent on his ability to run a precise and clean route. Separation is not just the prospect's ability to separate with speed, but his ability to run several routes at a high level. The prospect's ability to sell a route to get a defender out of position is also a key way for a player to gain separation. Players with a limited route tree can make it easier for defenders to predict their route running tendencies. The ability to use their body to box out is another way to gain separation.

After Catch Ability (8) Very Good

A running back with the football in their hands, receivers who can catch a football and make defenders miss in open space, or that can break tackles is a commodity at the highest level of football: high-level WR's show elusiveness, strength, speed, and display toughness after the catch.

Key Strengths

  • 50/50 Balls

  • After the Catch Ability

  • Physical

Key Weaknesses

  • Route Running

Pass Game Summary

In the passing game, Burks is physical at 6-3, 225lbs. He displays reliable hands; he can high point the football and excels in 50/50 situations. Burks is not a nuanced route runner, an area he must work to improve at the NFL level. He plays a high percentage in the slot where he gets a free release, but he needs to be more comfortable playing on the outside when required in the NFL. He could play predominantly in the slot, but that limits his versatility, especially as a bigger player that coordinators can move around to gain a mismatch.

Burks has experienced issues gaining separation early in his routes, which is one reason he has played in the slot. When lined up out wide, he will need to rely on his ability to box out and make 50/50 plays vs. a defender, something that will be far more difficult in the NFL. He has a high-level football IQ, and you can see why based on usage in college. Arkansas lined him up in the slot, in the boundary, and in the backfield, and that is why he has drawn comparisons to Debo Samuel. He possesses the wide back versatility NFL coaches, and GM's are looking for in today's WR's.

Burks has a knack for making the big plays. Many of these happen in traffic downfield or on plays where he turns into a RB after the catch. He is comfortable receiving multiple touches per game. He consistently had games of ten touches or more at Arkansas.

Run Game Summary

Burks is not just utilized to block in the run game. Whatever team drafts him will look to maximize his ability to make plays with the ball in his hands by jet sweeps or out of the backfield. He is a fierce competitor who will block as needed in the run game, but his value will be on plays he gets touches in the run game.

Final Analysis

Burks was a highly coveted football player coming out of high school. The former 4-star recruit had a lot of high-profile offers. As mentioned above, scouts view Burks in the same way that Debo Samuel is viewed as a multi-purpose player in the NFL. His versatility is why he appeals to so many in this draft class.

Final Grade Analysis

Final Grade: (6.7) (High Upside Potential)

(6.9-6.7) Solid Starter Level

Ceiling Grade: (7.0) (Instant Impact Potential)

(9.0-7.0) High-End Starter

Floor Grade: (6.0) (Role Player Potential)

(5.7-6.2) Circumstantial Starter/System Dependent/Role Player


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