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2022 NFL Draft Profile: Iowa State RB Breece Hall

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Player Profile

School: Iowa State

Recruiting Profile: Click Here

Position: RB

Height: 6-1

Weight: 220

Year: JR

Jersey Number: 28

Offensive Scheme: Zone Based Blocking

Offensive Coordinator: Tom Manning

Games Reviewed: 2020 Oklahoma, 2021 Iowa, 2021 Oklahoma State, 2021 TCU

Position Specific Critical Factors

Vision: (8) Near Elite

Ability to run to daylight and gain positive yardage. Running without hesitation, seeing cut-back lanes, patience to follow blocks, finding open seams, creating something out of nothing, ability to set up his blockers.

Contact Balance: (7) Very Good

Ability to maintain his balance in traffic, bounce off of would-be tacklers and continue to advance the football. This grade should reflect his ability to play with a low center of gravity, strength, balance, and foot coordination to keep plays alive in traffic.

Pass Game Impact: (7) Very Good

Combination of his ability to make plays out of the backfield as a receiver, pass-catching ability, and pass pro.

Key Strengths

  • Vision

  • Footwork

  • Forced Missed Tackles

Key Weaknesses

  • Pass Pro

  • Decisiveness

Pass Game Summary

In the passing game, Hall exhibits solid pass protection ability. He is also a solid receiver out of the backfield, where he has compiled. 82 catches for 734 yards. Most of Hall's work as a receiver occurs at or near the line of scrimmage; though he has lined up in the slot and out wide on occasion, he will do most of his receiving work from the backfield at the NFL level. Hall ranks among the top backs in the 2022 cycle in yards after the catch, so when given space, he can turn a play at or behind the line into a chunk gain. His ability to pick up a Blitzer in pass pro needs improvement, but his willingness in pass pro is there, and for him to ascend into a versatile three-down back at the NFL level, he has to improve as a blocker.

Run Game Summary

In the run game, Hall is a creative runner that possesses exceptional speed and good contact balance. He blends good speed with power and can lower his pads and run through a defender. There are a few different 40 times available, and one dates back to his time in high school, where he clocked a 4.43. I would not be surprised to see him run in the electronic timed 4.5's during the NFL combine, which is more than adequate for the RB position. Hall will be ideal for a zone-heavy run game as a one-cut runner. His two best traits as a runner are his vision and patience. Hall displays exceptional footwork in traffic. On film, he is consistently navigating congested areas with ease. Hall is one of the top explosive runners in this class, and when he has space, he will exploit a defense. Hall is also among the best in college football in forcing missed tackles.

Final Analysis

Overall, Breece Hall possesses versatile traits that translate to his ability to be a three-down back in the NFL. Hall, the cousin of Former NFL RB Roger Craig, displays pedigree. Hall's relationship with Roger Craig is notable, considering Craig can provide excellent advice about the rigors of being an NFL RB. Also, you can see some of Roger Craig's playstyle in Breece Hall's game, especially when Hall is navigating through traffic. In addition, His step-father, Jeff Smith, played running back at Nebraska and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, so football has been a part of Hall's life for a long time.

Improving his pass protection is imperative at the next level. We list Hall as a versatile back that will fit nicely in a zone-based scheme where he can use his excellent vision and patience. We list Hall as a big back at 6-1, 220lbs. What separates him from Kenneth Walker is that his ability as a pass-catcher is more proven, but where Walker bridges that gap is his ability to create yards after contact at the highest level and a higher level than Breece Hall. Hall has the tools to be the best back in this draft class, and with time and in the right system, he can thrive in the NFL.

Final Grade Analysis

Final Grade: (6.8) (High Upside Potential)

Solid Starter Level

Ceiling Grade: (6.8) (High Upside Potential)

Solid Starter Level

Floor Grade: (7.5) (Instant Impact Potential)

High-Level Starter


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