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2022 NFL Draft Profile: Oregon Edge Rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux

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Player Profile

Name: Kayvon Thibodeaux

School: Oregon

Recruiting Profile: Click Here

Position: Edge Rusher

Height: 6050

Weight: 260

Year: 3rd Yr/Soph

Jersey Number: 5

Defensive Scheme: Multiple 2-4-5, 4-2-5

Defensive Coordinator: Tim Deruyter

Games Reviewed: 2021 UCLA, 2021 Washington, 2021 Washington State

Position Specific Critical Factors

Pass Rush: (8) Near Elite

The prospect displays an ability to generate pressure and production on the QB as a rusher. The player must combine the following skills: burst to close, strength/power, elusiveness, and flexibility. The prospect should also have a toolbelt of optional moves to help the player beat his opponent, swim, rip, swipe, etc.

1st Step/Explosiveness: (8) Near Elite

The prospect displays explosive quickness/power. The player(s) exhibits good Initial quickness and an ability to close cushion quickly. The prospect demonstrates an ability to penetrate quickly with reaction to 1st movement and anticipatory quickness.

Edge Setter/POA: (6) Good

The prospect exhibits an ability to negate his opponent's strength with force/stoutness, can stack & neutralize blockers, shows the ability to maintain leverage vs. outside plays with his play strength, hand use, aggression, toughness, and instincts. The prospect can anchor the edge and maintain leverage against the run.

Key Strengths

  • Speed to Power

  • Initial Burst

  • Athleticism

Key Weaknesses

  • Awareness

  • Run Angles

  • Open Field Tackling

Pass Game Summary

At 6-5 260lbs, Kayvon Thibodeaux possesses dominant pass-rushing traits that show up on film. His initial burst off the line of scrimmage combined with a good balance of speed to power is precisely what NFL Scouts are looking for in today's edge rushers. He can play with his hand in the dirt or standing up.

Thibodeaux is an every-down player who can impact the passing game as a pass rusher from the edge of the defense while also lining up in the middle of the defense as an off-ball LB on occasion. Thibodeaux's athleticism allows the Oregon Ducks to drop him into underneath coverage; while pass coverage is not his primary strength, the ability to do so as a changeup is available.

Run Game Summary

Kayvon Thibodeaux is a good run defender, but improvement is needed. While watching his film, teams show they can scheme him in the run game via RPO or the zone read. When he takes a wrong angle, his athleticism can bail him out at the collegiate level but will be further exploited against much better NFL athletes. His open-field tackling is also an area that needs to continue to get better. He is a true edge player at the next level who has the strength to be a true edge-setting defensive end.

Final Analysis

Kayvon Thibodeaux is the exact prototype NFL scouts, and GM's are looking for during their draft evaluation process. He is a chess piece that has great length and athleticism. His initial burst and ability to balance speed to power off the edge is why he is considered a top 5 NFL Draft prospect. He provides a Chase Young level of potential at the next level.

Final Grade Analysis

Final Grade: (7.7) (Instant Impact Potential)

(9.0-7.0) High-End Starter

Ceiling Grade: (8.4) (Instant Impact Potential)

(9.0-7.0) High-End Starter

Floor Grade: (6.8) (High Upside Potential)

(6.9-6.7) Solid Starter Level


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