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2022 NFL Draft Profile: Purdue WR David Bell

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Player Profile

Name: David Bell

Recruiting Profile: Click Here

Position: WR

Height: 6-2

Weight: 205

Year: Junior

Jersey Number: 3

Offensive Scheme: Air Raid, basketball on grass, quick pass game

Offensive Coordinator: Jeff Brohm, (Brian Brohm co-OC, JaMarcus Shephard co-OC, and WR Coach)

Games Reviewed: Iowa 2020, Nebraska 2020, Notre Dame 2021, Iowa 2021, Michigan State 2021, Ohio State 2021

Position Specific Critical Factors

Hands (7) Very Good

The best WR's in football display great hands; they can snatch or pluck the football when in tight coverage or the wide-open field. Some receivers use their bodies when catching and therefore need more development as hands catchers.

Separation (7) Very Good

A player's ability to separate from a defender while running a route is dependent on his ability to run a precise and clean route. Separation is not just the prospect's ability to separate with speed, but his ability to run several routes at a high level. The prospect's ability to sell a route to get a defender out of position is also a key way for a player to gain separation. Players with a limited route tree can make it easier for defenders to predict their route running tendencies. The ability to use their body to box out is another way to gain separation.

After Catch Ability (6) Very Good

A running back with the football in their hands, receivers who can catch a football and make defenders miss in open space, or that can break tackles is a commodity at the highest level of football: high-level WR's show elusiveness, strength, speed, and display toughness after the catch.

Key Strengths

  • Excellent Route Runner

  • Superb Body Control

  • High-Level Ball Skills

Key Weaknesses

  • Overall Speed (Not a major factor, just a question to be answered possibly at the combine).

Pass Game Summary

David Bell is a plus athlete who can be a dominant outside NFL WR. He offers a vast menu of high-level route-running skills, the most notable are his deep in-cuts, posts, and deep out routes. In addition, do not rest on his ability to locate the open area in zone coverage underneath or throws near the line of scrimmage. Bell will not wow anyone after the catch, but he has enough short-area quickness to make a man miss in space and pick up good yards after the catch. He has a good release and can be physical against press-man coverage.

Bell has displayed a lot of variety in his game while at Purdue. In addition to his ability to run routes and separate at a high level, he might be the best hand(s) catcher in this class. Bell routinely stabs the ball away from his body, whether he has room or while in tight coverage. Bell also displays excellent body control and can box out a defender, which is a trait he likely garnered while playing basketball at the high school level. He is an enthusiastic run blocker and will work hard to get out in front and block for his teammates in the screen game.

Run Game Summary

As a runner, Bell is not expected to play a Deebo Samuel role or be used on jet sweeps in the NFL, but he has taken a handoff or two at Purdue and might have sneaky value in the run game in today's NFL. Bell is a willing blocker; he works hard to create opportunities for teammates. He is a competitive player, which shows even when the ball is not in his hands.

Final Analysis

David Bell projects as an X receiver in the NFL; he can play in the slot, which adds to his versatility. He can run a full route tree and excels in the short game with stick routes, slants, and screens. He is unafraid to go over the middle, and he is excellent at running the dig route. Bell possesses an elite ability to get a free release, and his short-area quickness allows him to stack a DB. His body control and ball skills are both high level. You can see the basketball background come into play when he is going up to make a contested catch. Bell will enter the NFL as an instant impact potential player with arguably the highest ceiling among the WR's in 2022.

Final Grade Analysis

Final Grade: (7.0) (Instant Impact Potential)

(9.0-7.0) High-End Starter

Ceiling Grade: (8.0) (Instant Impact Potential)

(9.0-7.0) High-End Starter

Floor Grade: (6.7) (High Upside Potential)

(6.9-6.7) Solid Starter Level


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