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2023 NFL Draft QB Rookie Review: Will Levis Is Now The Titans QB1 Replacing Ryan Tannehill

Reviewing The Top 2023 NFL QB Draft Picks: NFL Draft Rookie Review Will Levis

Below is a structured overview of former Kentucky QB and current Tennessee Titan QB Will Levis, including his pre-draft scouting report and player comparisons.

2023 Pre-NFL Draft Profile:

  • Position: Quarterback

  • College: Kentucky

  • Height: 6'3 and 7/8" (6037 in scouting notation)

  • Weight: 229 pounds

  • Drafted: Specific draft position not provided in the initial information

NFL Career Start:

  • Made a notable debut with four touchdowns in his first game.

  • Demonstrated significant resilience and play-making ability under pressure.

  • Mike Vrabel, Titans coach, has given measured and constructive public assessments of his performance.

Scouting Report:

  • Will Levis is compared physically to Josh Allen with a strong arm, suggesting the ability to make powerful throws.

  • As an athlete, he can extend plays and is capable of running with the ball to keep drives alive.

  • Began the 2022 season with a developmental grade, but with the potential for an immediate impact.

Primary Scout:

  • Brandon Lundberg

Playstyle & Scheme Fit:

  • Levis is adaptable to various offensive schemes, but an offensive system that employs play-action, bootlegs, and read-option would likely best leverage his strengths.

Key Strengths:

  • Impressive arm strength.

  • Good mobility.

  • Solid mechanics.

Key Weaknesses:

  • Requires improvement in field awareness.

  • Needs to develop better anticipation for plays.

  • Ball placement has room for improvement.

Player Comparisons:

  • Josh Allen

  • Ben Roethlisberger

  • Carson Wentz

Assessment of Will Levis Based on Early NFL Performance and Scouting Report:

Will Levis’ early performances in the NFL have shown flashes of the potential identified in his scouting report. His strong arm is evident from his multi-touchdown debut, and his athleticism has been showcased as he maneuvered within the pocket and extended plays.

  • Arm Strength: The four-touchdown debut underlines his strong arm, enabling him to make impactful plays downfield.

  • Mobility: Despite facing defensive pressure, Levis has used his mobility to evade defenders and extend plays, aligning with his scouting report.

  • Mechanics: His ability to connect on various throws suggests that Levis has brought solid mechanics from college to the NFL.

  • Awareness and Anticipation: Coach Vrabel’s comments indicate that while there are positive signs, Levis has areas to grow regarding game awareness.

  • Ball Placement: There may be inconsistencies as indicated by the Titans' struggles in the red zone, pointing towards Levis's need to refine his ball placement.

  • Playstyle & Scheme Fit: The Titans' offensive strategies seem to accommodate Levis’ strengths, utilizing him in ways that align with the scouting report's recommendations.

  • Developmental Grade and Ceiling Potential: Levis’ performances suggest that he is on track with the projected developmental grade, displaying an "Instant Impact ceiling" potential, as noted by scouts.

In conclusion, Will Levis' initial NFL outings reflect the strengths and areas for development that scouts noted. His physical attributes, like arm strength and mobility, have been apparent, while his mechanics have been reliable. As he continues to gain experience and refine his awareness, anticipation, and ball placement, Levis is positioned to grow into the high-ceiling quarterback that his pre-draft assessment predicted. Let us know what you think about our Will Levis rookie review.


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