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2024 Fantasy Football Rankings: Quarterback Tiers

When analyzing fantasy football, a tier-based analysis provides fantasy managers with a clearer understanding of the differences between each group of players and how to value them for the upcoming season. Let's dive into the quarterback rankings and tiers for the 2024 fantasy football season, specifically in a 6-Point Per Passing TD model.

Tier System for QBs in a 6-Point Per Passing TD Model:

Tier 1 QB: 22.0 points per game or higher (Elite performers)

Tier 2 QB: 19.0 to 21.9 points per game (Strong starters)

Tier 3 QB: 17.0 to 18.9 points per game (Reliable starters)

Tier 4 QB: 15.0 to 16.9 points per game (Serviceable starters)

Tier 5 QB: 14.9 points per game or fewer (Backup options)

2024 Fantasy Football QB Tiers

2024 Fantasy Football QB Projections

The 2024 projected QB1 is Josh Allen, followed by Patrick Mahomes. Tier one has 5 QBs in our preseason fantasy projections, while tier two is loaded, starting with C.J. Stroud, who is just a shade under the tier one level and could absolutely elevate into that range in 2024. Additional tier two names that could make the jump into tier one include Joe Burrow, Trevor Lawrence, Tua Tagovailoa, and Kyler Murray, who are all in tier one level situations but are projected just a few ticks below the tier one threshold.

As far as tier three, Anthony Richardson leads the way, and his ceiling could elevate him into tier two if he can stay healthy in 2024. Geno Smith and Justin Herbert are also in a range of potential tier-two status. We have two rookies in tier three, both with huge upside and could elevate into the tier two level.

As far as tiers four and five, tier four is led by Aaron Rodgers coming off his Achilles injury, and tier five is led by Bryce Young and the rest of the 2024 rookie class.

Tier 1 QB: 22.0 points per game or higher (Elite performers)

These quarterbacks are expected to deliver top-tier performances consistently, making them highly valuable. Examples include Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, and Patrick Mahomes, who often score above this threshold due to their combination of passing and rushing abilities.

Josh Allen Tier 1 Fantasy QB

  • Josh Allen (BUF): 24.4 points per game

  • Patrick Mahomes (KC): 23.3 points per game

  • Jalen Hurts (PHI): 23.1 points per game

  • Lamar Jackson (BLT): 22.3 points per game

  • Dak Prescott (DAL): 22.1 points per game

Tier 2 QB: 19.0 to 21.9 points per game (Strong starters)

This tier includes reliable starting QBs who may not reach the elite status but still provide strong and consistent fantasy points. Examples are Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow, who regularly put up solid numbers but might lack the rushing upside or consistent elite output of Tier 1 QBs.

CJ Stroud Tier 2 Fantasy QB

  • C.J. Stroud (HST): 21.8 points per game

  • Joe Burrow (CIN): 21.0 points per game

  • Trevor Lawrence (JAX): 20.7 points per game

  • Tua Tagovailoa (MIA): 20.6 points per game

  • Kyler Murray (ARZ): 20.5 points per game

  • Jared Goff (DET): 19.8 points per game

  • Brock Purdy (SF): 19.7 points per game

  • Jordan Love (GB): 19.7 points per game

  • Baker Mayfield (TB): 19.4 points per game

  • Daniel Jones (NYG): 19.2 points per game

  • Derek Carr (NO): 19.1 points per game

  • Matthew Stafford (LA): 19.0 points per game

Tier 3 QB: 17.0 to 18.9 points per game (Reliable starters)

These QBs are good starters in most leagues, offering reliable performance. They might have occasional spikes in points but generally hover around the middle range. Examples include Jared Goff and Geno Smith, who can be relied upon for steady performance.

Anthony Richardson Tier 3 Fantasy QB

  • Anthony Richardson (IND): 18.8 points per game

  • Geno Smith (SEA): 18.6 points per game

  • Justin Herbert (LAC): 18.5 points per game

  • Caleb Williams (CHI): 17.9 points per game

  • Jayden Daniels (WAS): 17.7 points per game

  • Kirk Cousins (ATL): 17.5 points per game

  • Will Levis (TEN): 17.4 points per game

Tier 4 QB: 15.0 to 16.9 points per game (Serviceable starters)

Quarterbacks in this tier are serviceable starters or high-end backups. They provide decent points but lack the upside of higher-tier QBs. They have the potential for good games but also come with more inconsistency.

  • Aaron Rodgers (NYJ): 16.9 points per game

  • Deshaun Watson (CLV): 16.8 points per game

  • Russell Wilson (PIT): 16.8 points per game

Tier 5 QB: 14.9 points per game or fewer (Backup options)

These QBs are typically backup options or low-end starters in deeper leagues. They might be starting QBs in the NFL but are not expected to perform at a high level consistently in fantasy. They may have potential but are more likely to have lower fantasy output.

  • Bryce Young (CAR): 14.9 points per game

  • J.J. McCarthy (MIN): 14.5 points per game

  • Gardner Minshew (LV): 14.3 points per game

  • Bo Nix (DEN): 13.7 points per game

  • Drake Maye (NE): 13.5 points per game


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