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2024 NFL Combine: Day Three Recap, Quarterbacks | Who Impressed? | Do The Numbers Match The Scouting Report?

Day three of the 2024 NFL Combine is underway, and we are recapping the top performances by position group on the day.

Check back at the end of each day as we continue to recap every position group from the drill work at the 2024 NFL Combine.

Overview of Today's Analysis

Below, we provide a breakdown of the top players ranked within their respective position groups. This analysis is based on the drill work and how it correlates with each prospect's initial scouting report from the Football Scout 365 NFL Draft Big Board, available on our website.

2024 NFL Combine Quarterbacks

Grading If the Film Matches the NFL Combine Data

The aim of today's analysis is to assess each prospect's NFL Combine drill performance. We consider all aspects of the workouts, from the 40-yard dash to the on-field exercises, to determine if a prospect's previous film analysis and scouting report align with their performance during the NFL Combine's on-field drills. Learn more about the player grade scale here.

The Top Quarterback's Grades At The 2024 NFL Combine

J.J. McCarthy, QB, Michigan (6’ 2 1/2’’, 219 lbs)

Combine Data & Ranking Within His Position Group:

  • 40-Yard Dash: 

  • 10-Yard Split:

  • Vertical Jump:

  • Broad Jump:

Scouting Report Connection: J.J. McCarthy is characterized as a quarterback with a unique set of skills that deviate from traditional early-round QB expectations. While lacking in certain physical measurables and arm strength, his poise in the pocket and ability to make plays outside the conventional structure highlight a player with significant potential. McCarthy's mental toughness, focus in critical game moments, and ability to use adversity as motivation indicate a strong psychological foundation for a quarterback.

Grade Assignment: Reflecting on McCarthy’s perceived college performance and intangible qualities, despite the lack of specific combine data, his grade aligns with a Above Average to Good (6-7) based on the scouting insights provided. McCarthy exhibits a combination of qualities that, with further development and refinement, could see him evolve beyond an average starter to become a significant player at the NFL level. His progression will be contingent on his ability to improve in areas such as ball placement, timing, and physical conditioning.

Michael Penix Jr., QB, Washington (6’ 2’’, 216 lbs)

Combine Data & Ranking Within His Position Group:

  • 40-Yard Dash: 

  • 10-Yard Split: 

  • Vertical Jump: 

  • Broad Jump: 

Scouting Report Connection: Michael Penix Jr. presents a complex blend of experience and vulnerability, with a collegiate tenure marked by both significant production and recurrent injuries. His time at Washington showcased his capability to operate effectively in a tailored offensive scheme, highlighting his strengths in making intermediate and deep passes. Penix’s adeptness in the pocket, combined with his strategic mobility, underscores his potential. Nonetheless, his unconventional throwing mechanics and history of injuries pose challenges for his transition to the NFL.

Grade Assignment: Considering Penix’s substantial collegiate output and his physical attributes, despite the absence of detailed combine metrics, his grade would align with Above Average to Good (6-7) based on available insights. Penix embodies the traits of a quarterback who could excel in a supportive system, particularly one that leverages his arm talent and decision-making skills. His development at the professional level will depend significantly on his ability to adapt to diverse offensive strategies and his resilience in overcoming past injury concerns.

Bo Nix, QB, Oregon (6’ 2’’, 214 lbs)

Combine Data & Ranking Within His Position Group:

  • 40-Yard Dash: Data not provided

  • 10-Yard Split: Data not provided

  • Vertical Jump: Data not provided

  • Broad Jump: Data not provided

Scouting Report Connection: Bo Nix is recognized for his significant evolution as a quarterback over five seasons, showing marked improvements in accuracy, arm talent, and athleticism. His ability to execute both structured plays and improvisational second-reaction plays demonstrates a versatility fitting the modern pro quarterback mold. While some of his success is attributed to the offensive system at Oregon, Nix has evidently grown beyond his earlier years at Auburn, showcasing an NFL-ready skill set characterized by enhanced pocket poise and effective mobility.

Grade Assignment: Given Nix’s high production score and the developmental arc reflected in his scouting report, his grade is Above Average to Good (6-7). His experience and upward trajectory, combined with the physical and mental attributes necessary for success at the next level, suggest he is poised to become a solid starter in the NFL. Continued refinement and adaptation to the pro game will be key to fulfilling his potential and transitioning his college success to professional achievement.

Joe Milton III, QB, Tennessee (6’ 5’’, 235 lbs)

Combine Data & Ranking Within His Position Group:

  • 40-Yard Dash: 

  • 10-Yard Split: 

  • Vertical Jump: 35''

  • Broad Jump: 10’ 1’’

Scouting Report Connection: Joe Milton III is described as a quarterback with exceptional physical attributes and arm strength, capable of making the challenging throws required in the NFL. However, his challenges lie in the finer aspects of quarterbacking, such as timing, accuracy, and touch. Despite his ability to create impressive plays with his strength and mobility, inconsistency and a lack of development in reading defenses and making multidimensional decisions have hindered his progression. His athleticism, as evidenced by his vertical and broad jump performances, showcases his potential beyond traditional pocket passing.

Grade Assignment: Considering Milton’s remarkable physical talents contrasted with his developmental needs in decision-making and accuracy, his grade would be Average (5). While his athletic scores and arm strength are intriguing, translating those into consistent, effective quarterback play at the NFL level will require significant improvement in his mental approach to the game and technical skills. If Milton can harness his physical attributes and enhance his understanding of the game, there is potential for him to develop into a more reliable quarterback option.

Sam Hartman, QB, Notre Dame (6’ 1’’, 211 lbs)

Combine Data & Ranking Within His Position Group:

  • 40-Yard Dash: 4.8 seconds

  • 10-Yard Split: 1.63 seconds

  • Vertical Jump: 28.5''

  • Broad Jump: 8’ 10’’

Scouting Report Connection: Sam Hartman is identified as a QB with a solid build and competitive edge, capable of improvisational play beyond the structured offense. His performance at Notre Dame, coupled with his time at Wake Forest, exhibits a quarterback comfortable making plays outside the pocket. However, concerns regarding his consistency, arm strength, and propensity for turnovers are highlighted against his ability to process quickly and navigate through reads efficiently.

Grade Assignment: Reflecting on Hartman's combine performance and his collegiate track record, his grade is Average (5). While he shows the mental acuity and competitive spirit desirable in a quarterback, his average physical attributes and performance metrics suggest limitations in his transition to the NFL level. Hartman's potential growth into a more reliable player will depend significantly on his ability to refine his decision-making and enhance his physical capabilities to match the demands of a professional quarterback role.

Spencer Rattler, QB, South Carolina (6’ 0’’, 211 lbs)

Combine Data & Ranking Within His Position Group:

  • 40-Yard Dash: 4.95 seconds

  • 10-Yard Split: 1.63 seconds

  • Vertical Jump: 32''

  • Broad Jump: 9’ 0’’

Scouting Report Connection: Spencer Rattler's tenure as a college quarterback displayed moments of high capability, particularly in his earlier seasons. However, his performance has been inconsistent, failing to sustain the level of play expected by NFL standards. While he has shown the ability to scramble and create plays, his physical limitations, such as height and arm strength, restrict his ability to be a dominant force against robust NFL defenses. Rattler's challenges were compounded by external factors such as poor pass protection and unreliable receiving options during his final college season.

Grade Assignment: Considering Rattler’s collegiate production and the attributes demonstrated at the combine, his grade would align with Average (5). While he possesses the basic skills required for a quarterback and has shown flashes of potential, his overall profile suggests that he fits better as a backup or a developmental QB2/3 in the NFL. Rattler’s success at the next level will largely depend on finding a system that accommodates his style of play and addresses his weaknesses, along with improvements in his decision-making and consistency.


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