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2024 NFL Draft: LSU QB Jayden Daniels vs. FSU QB Jordan Travis

It is week one of the 2023 college football season, and the spotlight is on LSU QB Jayden Daniels vs. FSU QB Jordan Travis.

Below are the preseason scouting reports, the current grades for the two prospects, and a few notes on how each player can boost their 2024 NFL Draft stock in 2023.

Jayden Daniels NFL Draft Profile

Height: 6030 Weight: 185

Draft Yr: 2024 Overall Rk: 5 Pos Rk: 5

Preseason NFL Draft Grade Analysis

Grade: High-Level Starter Potential

Grade Analysis: A high-level starter potential prospect is expected to be among the leading starters within their second or third year in the NFL.

Strengths: Jayden Daniels exhibits a flair for dynamic plays that combines his speed, mobility, and impressive arm strength. His playstyle resembles dual-threat quarterbacks like Deshaun Watson, Tyrod Taylor, and Justin Fields. Daniels is particularly adept at using his legs to run and set up passing lanes, demonstrating a mature understanding of field spacing.

Improvement Areas for 2023: As Daniels transitions to the 2023 season, refining his overall accuracy, especially on deep throws, is paramount. He needs to hone his mechanics to ensure fluidity in his throws, and his decision-making, particularly in high-pressure scenarios, requires more consistency to reduce potential interceptions.

Jordan Travis NFL Draft Profile

Height: 6010 Weight: 201 Draft Yr: 2024

Overall Rk: 13 Pos Rk: 8

Preseason NFL Draft Grade Analysis

Final Grade: Above-Average Starter Potential

Grade Analysis: An above-average starter potential prospect who's projected to be a solid contributor by their second year and might evolve into a top-tier player with further development.

Strengths: Jordan Travis is a spectacle to watch when he escapes the pocket, using his agility to create big plays both on the ground and through the air. He exhibits a strong arm and can make pressurized throws look effortless. His play recalls the improvisational brilliance of players like Lamar Jackson, Justin Fields, and Tyrod Taylor.

Improvement Areas for 2023: Travis' footwork, especially when setting up to throw, can sometimes be inconsistent, leading to off-target passes. He needs to address these mechanical aspects to ensure throw precision. Moreover, while his ability to make plays off-script is commendable, he should work on maintaining consistent accuracy across varied throw scenarios.

In Conclusion LSU QB Jayden Daniels vs. FSU QB Jordan Travis

LSU QB Jayden Daniels vs. FSU QB Jordan Travis is poised to be a thrilling display of quarterback talent. Daniels offers a unique challenge for defenses, while Travis's improvisational skills keep opponents guessing. As both quarterbacks take on the 2023 college football season, their growth and how they address their identified areas of improvement will be central to their NFL Draft stock.


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