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2024 NFL Draft: Scouting North Carolina QB Drake Maye

As we move into the 2024 NFL Draft player analysis before the 2023 college football season, we will provide in-depth scouting reports, film reviews, and more, covering the top players expected to declare for the 2024 NFL Draft.

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Name: Drake Maye

Position: Quarterback

School: North Carolina

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 220 lbs

High School: Myers Park High School

City/State: Charlotte, North Carolina

High School Accolades

Overview: Maye had a remarkable career at Myers Park High School. He was named the North Carolina Gatorade Football Player of the Year in 2020 and was a two-time All-State selection. He led Myers Park to multiple playoff appearances, leaving a significant mark on the school's record books.

Multi-Sport Athlete: Drake Maye was not just a football star but excelled in basketball during high school. His multi-sport background speaks to his overall athleticism and competitiveness.

Family Athletic History: Drake Maye comes from a family with a rich athletic history. Mark Maye's father was a quarterback at the University of North Carolina. His brother, Luke Maye, was a star basketball player at North Carolina and led the team to a National Championship in 2017.

247 Sports Star Rating: Drake Maye was a 4-star recruit, according to 247 Sports.

National Player Ranking: Maye was ranked as the 6th pro-style quarterback and the 56th overall player in the nation for the 2021 recruiting class, according to 247 Sports Composite Rankings.

College Offers: Maye was highly recruited out of high school, receiving offers from many prestigious programs, including Alabama, Clemson, and Michigan. However, he followed in his father's footsteps and committed to the University of North Carolina.

High School Summary: Drake Maye is a pro-style quarterback who showcased his talent and football intelligence at Myers Park High School, earning him numerous accolades and college offers. He also demonstrated his overall athleticism as a multi-sport athlete. With a rich family history in sports, Maye's athletic pedigree and 4-star recruit status underscore his potential for success at the NFL level. His decision to commit to the University of North Carolina, the same school his father played for, speaks to his family's legacy in the sport.

Drake Maye 2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Overview: Drake Maye is a dual-threat pro-style quarterback from North Carolina who brings a good blend of size, arm talent, and football intelligence to the position. His stature, coupled with a strong arm and solid mechanics, make him an intriguing prospect for NFL scouts.

Mechanics: Maye displays good throwing mechanics. His release is efficient, and his throwing motion is fluid, allowing for a quick and clean release. He shows consistent and solid footwork in the pocket, which contributes to his overall throwing accuracy. There's an overall sense of control and balance in his movements.

Football IQ: Maye demonstrates a high football IQ. His decision-making is one of his strengths; he knows when to take risks and when to play it safe. He appears comfortable going through his progressions and has shown the ability to read defenses pre-snap.

Arm Strength: Maye's arm strength is one of his key assets. He can make all the NFL throws and delivers the ball with zip and velocity on deep throws. His arm strength also allows him to challenge tight windows effectively.

Arm Angles: While his stature might make many believe he will be a more traditional pocket passer, just watch his film, and you will see that Drake Maye has shown the ability to adjust his arm angles and make difficult off-platform throws while in the pocket or on the move.

Three-Level Accuracy: Maye has shown solid accuracy at all three levels of the field. His short and intermediate accuracy is particularly impressive, as he often puts the ball where only his receiver can make a play. His deep ball accuracy can be slightly inconsistent, but he's shown the ability to hit receivers in stride downfield.

Speed/Agility: While Maye isn't a traditional dual-threat quarterback, he does possess solid mobility for his size. His agility within the pocket allows him to evade pass rushers and extend plays when needed. Maye can also be used in short-yardage scenarios where he can use his strength to pick up tough yards in key moments.

Play Style and Scheme Fit: Drake Maye can flourish in any offensive system. Because of his elite athletic stature standing 6-5, 220lbs, he can play in the pocket in a rhythm-based quick passing offense, or he can flourish in a multiple offensive system that incorporates QB run, and RPO's. He is a coordinator's dream.

Player Comparisons: In terms of his size, arm talent, and pocket-passing style, Maye resembles NFL QB Justin Herbert. Like Herbert, Maye possesses a strong arm with solid mobility and can make every throw on the field.

Scouting Summary: Drake Maye is a top 2024 NFL Draft prospect with a good blend of size, arm strength, and football IQ. His mechanics are sound, and he displays solid accuracy at all three levels of the field. While not a traditional dual threat, Maye's mobility is solid for his size. Maye has the potential to develop into a successful NFL quarterback and possesses instant-impact player traits that are comparable to top NFL QB's like Justin Herbert or Trevor Lawrence.


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