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2024 Senior Bowl Preview: 10 Players That Can Elevate Their 2024 NFL Draft Stock

The Reese's Senior Bowl, a pivotal event in Mobile, Alabama, has become a cornerstone for NFL Draft prospects to showcase their skills and improve their draft stock. Historically, this event has been a turning point for many players.

Last year, Puka Nacua, initially projected as a late-round pick or potentially undrafted, was picked by the LA Rams in the 5th round following his performance at the Senior Bowl. Similarly, Tyjae Spears, a talented running back from Tulane with a concerning injury history, managed to secure a third-round selection by the Tennessee Titans, surpassing his 4th-6th-round projection.

Senior Bowl Preview

These examples highlight the significance of the Senior Bowl in providing NFL scouts and front-office personnel with critical data points essential for making informed decisions, especially in the later rounds of the draft. As this year's Senior Bowl approaches, it's an opportune moment to watch for emerging talents who could similarly elevate their draft prospects.

We evaluate every player using a proprietary grading process that involves film evaluation combined with advanced data. On the back end, our scouting process mirrors the same process deployed by current NFL front-office personnel so that we can deliver the most in-depth player scouting reports available. All of this is currently free (subject to change).

Each player scouting report includes:

  • In-depth player scouting report

  • Play Style and Scheme Fit Analysis

  • Player Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Player Comparisons

NFL Draft Big Board, Scouting Reports and Player Comps

Five Offensive Players That Can Maintain or Elevate Their Draft Stock

Taliese Fuaga, Oregon State, OT (FS365 BB Rk: 13)

Draft Projection: Already a top lineman on our draft board, Fuaga could solidify his status and rise into the top ten picks of the 2024 NFL Draft. He is currently projected as a mid to late first-round pick.

Scouting Report: Fuaga is a powerful offensive tackle who excels in run blocking and has robust pass protection skills. His size (6'6", 333 lbs) and strength make him a dominant force at the line of scrimmage. Best suited for a power running scheme, he is projected as a mid-level starter with growth potential.

Tez Walker, North Carolina, WR (FS365 BB Rk: 32)

Draft Projection: Walker, a WR with round-one ability, has a consensus projection of a 2nd-3rd rounder but is being considered for the late first round.

Scouting Report: Walker is known for his deep-route proficiency and excellent ball-tracking skills. At 6'3"and 200 lbs, his speed and agility make him a versatile threat, especially in vertical passing offenses. He's seen as a high-end starter potential prospect.

Michael Penix Jr., Washington, QB (FS365 BB Rk: 27)

Draft Projection: Penix is viewed as a mid to late-round pick, but a top-10 team could be captivated by his play.

Scouting Report: Penix Jr. (6'3", 214 lbs) showcases a style similar to left-handed mobile quarterbacks like Steve Young. He's adept in RPOs and play-action, making him suitable for a West Coast offense. He's classified as having mid-level starter potential.

Bo Nix, Oregon, QB (FS365 BB Rk: 38)

Draft Projection: Aligned with the industry consensus, Nix is considered an overall top-15 pick.

Scouting Report: Nix (6'2", 213 lbs) is a dynamic quarterback with strong arm talent and exceptional mobility. He makes plays outside the pocket and fits well in RPO-centric schemes. He's considered to have low-level starter potential.

AJ Barner, Michigan, TE (FS365 BB Rk: 90)

Draft Projection: We rate Barner higher than most, though his current consensus NFL Draft projection is between rounds 5-7.

Scouting Report: Barner (6'6", 251 lbs) is a traditional tight end, proficient in blocking and receiving. Ideal for pro-style offenses, he is effective in run-heavy schemes and is reliable in short to medium-passing situations. He is considered to have low-level starter potential, indicating potential for development and a likelihood of being a later-round pick.

Five Defensive Players That Can Maintain or Elevate Their Draft Stock

Laiatu Latu, UCLA, ED (Overall Rk: 21)

Draft Projection: Latu is seen as potentially the top pass-rushing edge player in the 2024 NFL Draft. Projected as a top 15 pick, he has the potential to climb into the top ten during the NFL Combine process.

Scouting Report: Latu is an explosive edge rusher, drawing comparisons to Chandler Jones, Shaquil Barrett, and Jason Pierre-Paul. He's suited for odd front schemes, excelling in pass-rushing and edge-setting against the run. His coverage flexibility is a bonus.

Kalen King, Penn State, CB (Overall Rk: 35)

Draft Projection: King is projected as a late 1st to mid-round two pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. Currently mocked in the late 1st, he has the potential to be a top-15 pick.

Scouting Report: King is a versatile cornerback, skilled in both man and zone coverage. His physical play style and strong communication skills make him adaptable to various defensive schemes.

Quinyon Mitchell, Toledo, CB (Overall Rk: 46)

Draft Projection: Mitchell's stock has risen, with projections placing him from the late 1st to mid to late 2nd round.

Scouting Report: Mitchell's agility and explosiveness make him effective in man coverage, complemented by his good instincts in zone coverage. He fits best in schemes that mix man and zone coverages and could also serve as a slot corner.

Marist Liufau, Notre Dame, LB (Overall Rk: 95)

Draft Projection: With limited linebacker depth in the 2024 NFL Draft class, Liufau has a significant opportunity to elevate his stock. He is a consensus 4th rounder.

Scouting Report: Liufau is versatile, quick, and explosive, making him effective in run defense and blitzing. Best suited for a 4-3 defense, he excels in run support and as a blitzer, with adequate coverage skills.

Michael Hall Jr., Ohio State, IDL (Overall RK: NR)

Draft Projection: Hall, projected as a 4th rounder, has recently been mocked in the late 1st round.

Scouting Report: Hall Jr. is known for his explosiveness, lateral burst, and power. Best as a three-technique on an even line, he focuses on agility and speed for disruption. His areas for improvement include balance during rush and hand placement.


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