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2025 NFL Draft: 15 QBs To Know Ranked by EPA Value

In the 2024 NFL Draft, a record was set with six quarterbacks selected in the first twelve picks, highlighting an impressive showcase of talent at the position.

While the talent level of the 2025 draft class may not match that of the previous year, it includes numerous intriguing quarterback prospects. As we prepare for the upcoming summer scouting period, our goal is to compile a list of 15 quarterbacks worth monitoring, with rankings based on their 2023 EPA (Expected Points Added).

15 2025 NFL Draft Eligible QBs Ranked by 2023 EPA Value

Understanding Expected Points Added (EPA)

EPA is a critical statistical measure in football that assesses the impact of each play on a team's scoring potential. This metric is particularly valuable in evaluating quarterbacks, as it quantifies how their decisions on the field contribute to the team's ability to score and ultimately succeed.

The Significance of EPA in Football Analytics

EPA directly correlates with a team's success by linking quarterback performance to scoring outcomes. Quarterbacks with high EPA values are often instrumental in leading their teams on successful drives, increasing the likelihood of scoring and winning. This makes EPA an increasingly popular metric in both NFL and college football analytics, providing deeper insights than traditional statistics such as total yards or touchdowns.

By leveraging EPA, analysts, coaches, and fans can gain a more nuanced understanding of how strategic play-calling and individual player performances influence the overall game beyond mere statistical outputs.

2025 NFL Draft Eligible QBs CFB EPA

15 2025 NFL Draft Prospects To Watch Ranked By 2023 Total EPA


Passing EPA: 140.87 (3rd)

Summary Analysis: Carson Beck is emerging as the frontrunner for QB1 in the 2025 NFL Draft. In 2023, he threw for 3,945 yards with a completion percentage of 72.4% over 14 games. Beck showcased precise accuracy and timing, with 87.0% catchable throws (15th) and 74.0% on-target throws (26th). While he has solidified his status as a top prospect, there is room for improvement in delivering more consistent on-target throws to enhance his draft stock further.


Passing EPA: 132.75 (4th)

Summary Analysis: Dillon Gabriel had an outstanding 2023 season, passing for 3,656 yards with a completion percentage of 69.2% over 12 games. Known for his experience and ball security, Gabriel delivered 87.4% catchable throws (9th) and 76.2% on-target throws (10th), highlighting his consistent performance and high-level potential. Gabriel's high ranking in both categories underscores his reliability and precision as a passer.


Passing EPA: 83.36 (9th)

Summary Analysis: After guiding Ohio State to an impressive 11-1 record in 2023, Kyle McCord amassed 3,170 passing yards and 24 touchdowns with a completion rate of 65.8% across 12 games. His statistics revealed an 82.8% catchable throw rate (ranked 72nd) and a 70.4% on-target throw rate (ranked 77th). McCord must work on boosting his catchable and on-target throw rates to elevate his accuracy and consistency as a quarterback. Following the 2023 college football season, McCord made the decision to transfer from Ohio State to Syracuse.


Passing EPA: 82.40 (11th)

Summary Analysis: In the 2023 season, Noah Fifita had a standout performance by throwing for 2,869 yards and 25 touchdowns with a 72.4% completion rate in 12 games. He achieved an 87.8% catchable throw rate (8th) and a 77.5% on-target throw rate (5th) during the season, showcasing his reliability and efficiency. These impressive statistics position him as a notable NFL Draft prospect. His exceptional play contributed to Arizona's first 10-win season since 2014, leading to him being honored as the Pac-12 Freshman Offensive Player of the Year.


Passing EPA: 79.12 (13th)

Summary Analysis: In 2023, Kaidon Salter showcased impressive skills as he led Liberty's offense with accuracy and composure. Throughout 12 games, he threw for 3,150 yards with a 61.0% completion rate. Salter's performance included 28 touchdowns and just six interceptions, showcasing his effective decision-making abilities. Moreover, he displayed his dual-threat capabilities by rushing for 1,089 yards and scoring 12 touchdowns. Despite his strengths, Salter's 78.4% catchable throw rate (145th) and 64.6% on-target throw rate (160th) suggest a need for enhanced accuracy to fully unlock his potential as a passer.


Passing EPA: 76.31 (14th)

Summary Analysis: In 2023, Quinn Ewers demonstrated notable progress by throwing for 3,479 yards with a 69.0% completion rate across 12 games. His delivery of 86.7% catchable throws (ranking 20th) and 75.1% on-target throws (ranking 19th) suggests an increasing efficiency and solidifies his status as a promising prospect. Texas will compete in the SEC this season following their inaugural College Football Playoff appearance, largely influenced by Ewers. With new wide receiver options, he appears ready for another successful season.


Passing EPA: 74.24 (15th)

Summary Analysis: In 2023, Jaxson Dart showed significant progress by accumulating 3,364 passing yards with a completion rate of 64.9% across 13 games. His advancements were evident in achieving 85.2% catchable throws (ranking 40th) and 72.1% on-target throws (ranking 55th). Despite notable improvements in his performance outside the pocket and scoring eight rushing touchdowns, Dart should focus on boosting his on-target throw percentage to enhance his passing skills further.


Passing EPA: 36.17 (31st)

Summary Analysis: In 2023, Jalen Milroe showcased his knack for making big plays by amassing 2,834 passing yards and maintaining a completion rate of 65.6% across 13 games. Milroe's precision was evident with 83.5% of his throws being catchable (ranking 61st) and 68.9% being on target (ranking 97th). While his dual-threat skills were notable, as shown by his impressive 531 rushing yards and 12 rushing touchdowns, Milroe must enhance his accuracy to evolve into a more well-rounded quarterback.


Passing EPA: 32.73 (33rd)

Summary Analysis: Conner Weigman had a strong start in 2023, passing for 979 yards with a completion rate of 68.9% in 4 games before a foot injury ended his season prematurely. His initial displays featured a 90.7% catchable throw rate (2nd) and 72.2% on-target throw rate (52nd). Although Weigman demonstrated significant potential with his high catchable throw percentage, there is a need to enhance his consistency in delivering on-target throws to optimize his effectiveness.


Passing EPA: 28.10 (39th)

Summary Analysis: 

Even though Drew Allar faced difficulties with his inconsistent accuracy, he managed to throw for 2,632 yards with a completion rate of 60.1% across 13 games in 2023. Throughout his performance, he delivered 80.4% catchable passes (ranking 115th) and 65.9% on-target throws (ranking 150th). While Allar possesses remarkable size and arm strength, enhancing his accuracy and consistency is crucial for him to enhance his performance, a goal that could be facilitated by the new offensive coordinator Andy Kotelnicki.


Passing EPA: 26.24 (43rd)

Summary Analysis: In 2023, Tyler Van Dyke threw for 2,701 yards and 19 touchdowns in 11 games, boasting a 65.8% completion rate. His passing performance featured 86.9% catchable throws (ranking 17th) and 72.8% on-target throws (ranking 43rd). Despite the importance of Van Dyke's experience and leadership, improving his on-target throw percentage could elevate his passing efficiency even more.


Passing EPA: 21.46 (50th)

Summary Analysis: Will Howard had a successful 2023 season, throwing for 2,643 yards and 24 touchdowns while completing 65.8% of his passes in 12 games. Throughout the season, Howard delivered 82.8% catchable throws (ranked 72nd) and 70.4% on-target throws (ranked 77th). To boost his draft prospects, Howard must enhance his catchable and on-target throw percentages to become a more dependable passer.


Passing EPA: 15.60 (58th)

Summary Analysis: 

In 2023, Cameron Ward passed for 3,731 yards with a 66.7% completion rate across 12 games. Throughout the season, Ward demonstrated his outstanding arm talent with 85.5% catchable throws (ranked 35th) and 75.7% on-target throws (ranked 14th). To enhance his efficiency and consistency as a passer, Ward should work on minimizing risky plays.


Passing EPA: 5.27 (67th)

Summary Analysis: Shedeur Sanders excelled in the 2023 season, throwing for 3,230 yards with a 69.3% completion rate across 11 games. His impressive performance featured an 86.9% catchable throws rate (16th) and a 75.8% on-target throws rate (12th), showcasing his exceptional decision-making abilities and high-level play when under minimal pressure. Sanders smoothly transitioned from competing at Jackson State to Colorado, indicating the potential for even greater progress with enhanced support from an improved offensive line.


Passing EPA: 0.64 (79th)

Summary Analysis: Riley Leonard, recognized for his ability to excel in both passing and running, threw for 1,102 yards with a completion rate of 57.6% across 7 games in 2023. Among his achievements were 77.1% catchable passes (162nd) and 66.0% on-target throws (148th). Despite showcasing his dynamic skills, Leonard must enhance his precision and reliability considerably to fully unleash his potential, a goal that could be supported by his move to Notre Dame.


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