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CFB 365 Fall Preview: Big Game Analysis QB Production Leaving, Returning, or Transfering.

QB Production Leaving, Returning

When I began this analysis I had a number of different categories to measure, but I wanted to narrow the scope to one category measuring efficiency by identifying how many yds it took to score a single point.

Among the 24 BGA teams that we are analyzing it was JT Barrett from 2017 that led the 24 BGA teams in this category scoring one point every 87 yds gained.

So what does this measure mean and how does it apply to 2018?

A total of 1/3 of the teams we chose for our BGA analysis are replacing a starter at QB in 2018. The remaining 16 teams all have a QB returning or a high profile transfer with previous starting experience.

The top QB to watch on this list is West Virginia's Wil Grier who scored a point every 102 yds. His 64% completion percentage and 34 TD's were good numbers in 2017, but he will need to improve his att to int ratio in 2018 if West Virginia plans to win the Big 12. The key factor I look at is the returning starters on the Mountaineer offensive line (4) and the continuity they will have going into 2018. West Virginia should have one of the most explosive offenses in college football.

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