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Dynasty Rookie TE Rankings, Dalton Kincaid, Sam LaPorta Lead The Way | 2023 Fantasy Football

In the 2023 NFL draft, several talented tight ends emerged as potential game-changers in dynasty fantasy football leagues for their respective teams. This analysis will cover each of these tight ends, highlighting their strengths, play style/team fit, and overall grades. Let's delve into the scouting reports for each player and assess their potential impact at the NFL level.

1. Dalton Kincaid - Buffalo Bills

Dalton Kincaid's versatility and blocking ability make him an intriguing prospect for a variety of offensive systems. Standing at 6'4" and weighing 245 pounds, Kincaid possesses good size for a tight end. While he may not be an elite athlete, he compensates with reliable hands and solid blocking skills. His ability to contribute on special teams further enhances his value. Kincaid is projected to be a mid-to-late-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, with the potential to develop into a solid starting tight end in the right system. His ceiling grade suggests he could become a high-end starter.

2. Sam LaPorta - Detroit Lions

Sam LaPorta's combination of size and athleticism makes him a promising fit for various offensive schemes. At 6'4" and 249 pounds, LaPorta possesses the physical tools to excel in multiple facets of the game. He can be a dominant red zone threat due to his size and catching ability, presenting challenges for defenders. Additionally, his blocking skills make him valuable in the running game. With a high football IQ and a strong work ethic, LaPorta could become a long-term starter in the league.

3. Michael Mayer - Las Vegas Raiders

Michael Mayer's size and athleticism allow him to fit seamlessly into various offensive systems. As an elite-level tight-end prospect, Mayer possesses the ideal size for the position and can excel in both receiving and blocking roles. His versatility makes him a valuable asset for any team. With the ability to make an immediate impact as a rookie, Mayer's potential is highly regarded, projecting him as an elite-level starter. Expect him to be a notable addition to the Raiders' roster.

4. Luke Musgrave - Green Bay Packers

Luke Musgrave's skill set aligns well with West Coast offenses and teams emphasizing short-to-intermediate passing. Standing at 6'6" and weighing 240 pounds, Musgrave brings a solid all-around game to the table. He possesses good hands, route-running ability, and blocking skills. His contributions as a receiving tight end who can move the chains and convert crucial third downs make him an intriguing prospect. With further development, Musgrave has the potential to become a high-end starter in the right system.

5. Darnell Washington - Pittsburgh Steelers

Darnell Washington's size and athleticism make him a compelling fit for various offensive systems. At an imposing 6'7" and 260 pounds, Washington possesses rare physical attributes that set him apart. He excels in the red zone, leveraging his size and catching ability to create mismatches for defenders. Furthermore, his blocking skills make him a valuable asset in the running game.

6. Luke Schoonmaker - Dallas Cowboys

Luke Schoonmaker rounds out the list of tight ends from the 2023 NFL draft. Although his scouting report details are unavailable, he is considered a mid-level contributor. Schoonmaker's role within the Dallas Cowboys remains to be seen, but he possesses the potential to provide meaningful contributions in the future.

Summary of TE Fantasy Football Analysis

These tight ends offer a mix of talent, versatility, and potential, making them intriguing options for dynasty fantasy football managers. Evaluating their skill sets, scheme fits, and projected grades provides valuable insights for fantasy football drafts and long-term team-building strategies.


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