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Fiesta Bowl: Oregon vs. Liberty NFL Draft Prospects, Opt-Outs & Opt-Ins

In the 2023 Fiesta Bowl, the undefeated Liberty Flames will be led by QB Kaidon Salter, who is expected to play. Salter has been instrumental in Liberty's success, while CB Kobe Singleton is also expected to play and will be much needed vs. the Ducks offense.

The Oregon Ducks, with an 11-2 record, rely on senior QB Bo Nix, a Heisman finalist expected to play while also being draft-eligible in 2024. The Ducks face challenges with significant opt-outs, including WR Troy Franklin and others, which might impact their offensive efficiency and ability to get stops on defense. This matchup highlights Liberty's offensive versatility against Oregon's adaptability amidst key player opt-outs.

Liberty Flames (13-0)

  • Key Player: QB Kaidon Salter

  • Draft Eligible Year: Likely 2024 or 2025, depending on his decision to declare early.

  • Significance: Salter is the driving force behind Liberty's offense, leading them to an undefeated season with his impressive total yards and touchdowns.

  • Opt-Out Status: Expected to play.

  • X-Factor: CB Kobe Singleton

  • Draft Eligible Year: Potentially 2024.

  • Significance: Singleton's defensive prowess, with four interceptions, will be vital against Oregon's potent passing game.

  • Opt-Out Status: Expected to play.

Oregon Ducks (11-2)

  • Key Player: QB Bo Nix

  • Draft Eligible Year: 2024, as a senior.

  • Significance: Nix, a Heisman finalist, is crucial to Oregon's offensive strength, boasting significant passing yards and touchdowns.

  • Opt-Out Status: Expected to play.

  • X-Factor: RB Jordan James

  • Draft Eligible Year: Likely 2025 or later.

  • Significance: With the potential absence of Bucky Irving, James’ role in the ground game becomes increasingly important.

  • Opt-Out Status: Expected to play.

  • Notable Opt-Outs:

  • WR Troy Franklin (NFL Draft): Significant loss for Oregon's receiving corps.

  • C Jackson Powers-Johnson (NFL Draft): Key offensive line player; absence affects line protection and run blocking.

  • DL Popo Aumavae (NFL Draft): Impactful on defense, especially in run stopping and pass rush.

  • CB Khyree Jackson (NFL Draft): Key component of Oregon's secondary, crucial in pass defense.

Key Matchup Dynamics

  • Liberty's Offensive Versatility vs. Oregon's Defense: Liberty’s offense, led by Salter, will test Oregon’s defense, which has to adapt to the absence of key players like Aumavae and Jackson.

  • Oregon's Adaptability without Key Players: Oregon’s challenge will be maintaining offensive efficiency and defensive integrity despite significant opt-outs.

Fiesta Bowl: Oregon vs. Liberty NFL Draft Prospects, Opt-Outs & Opt-Ins


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