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In The Trenches: 2019 Baltimore Ravens Offensive Line Review

In 2019, the Ravens OL was dominant inside and out. On runs between the guards, the Ravens averaged 5.33 yds per run. On runs to the left and right tackles, or TE's, inside, or outside shade, the Ravens averaged 6.75 yds per rush attempt.

3rd Ranked OL According to Our Preseason Positional Analysis

The Effect of Zone Read

The inside-outside run game success directly coincides with the defenses focus on containing Lamar Jackson's ability to get to the edge on a zone read, or designed runs. Defenses will attempt to contain the outside, opening gaps on the inside.

Lamar Jackson Outside Running

46% of Lamar Jackson's Rush Attempts, occurred from LG to the outside of the LT in 2019 averaging 9.33 Yds per Att.

Mark Ingrams Inside Running

52% of Mark Ingram's Rush Attempts, occurred between the center's left shade, and the RG outside shade in 2019 averaging 4.05 Yds Per Attempt.

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