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NFL Draft: NFL Mock Draft 3.0 | No Trades | Titans, Commanders, Patriots All Could Move Up For A QB

(1). Carolina Panthers (Via CHI) Select: QB Bryce Young | Alabama

Team Needs: QB, WR, ED

Analysis: The Panthers should have taken Justin Fields in the 2021 NFL Draft. In 2023, they aim to make up for that by trading the farm to get their future QB. The two names that made the most sense during the Panthers' trade from the #9 overall pick to #1 were C.J. Stroud and Anthony Richardson. The issue is if you take Richardson, he still needs development. With C.J. Stroud, you get a more NFL-ready player. But the name a lot of NFL Draft pundits and insiders are saying the Panthers front office love is Bryce Young. Young is the best prospect right now, but the questions surrounding his size will continue to be discussed as we inch closer to day one of the 2023 NFL Draft. Regardless, drafting Young gives the Panthers a proven gamer and playmaker at the game's top position.

(2). Houston Texans Select: QB C.J. Stroud | Alabama

Team Needs: QB, WR, C, DL

Analysis: The draft can get more interesting if the Texans want to trade back with the Colts or any teams looking to move into the top 5 to draft C.J. Stroud or Anthony Richardson. The Texans might also want a QB in return, and the Colts cannot provide that. Recent rumors have mentioned that the Patriots and Titans are in the market to trade up, and with the Lamar Jackson situation unsettled in Baltimore, the Ravens are also a team to keep an eye on. Regardless, the Texans are in a great spot, and reports indicate they have narrowed their decision down to Bryce Young or C.J. Stroud.

(3). Arizona Cardinals Select: Will Anderson Jr. | Alabama

Team Needs: G, C, DL, CB

Analysis: The Cardinals are in a prime spot with pick #3 living in the best available trade-up spot to draft one of the top QB's in the 2023 NFL Draft. The Colts appear to be a team many think could trade up one spot to ensure they can procure the best QB option, but I wonder if this is a logical trade. What happens in this spot might be dictated by what two players are drafted at #1 and #2 overall, which means we may not see teams try to move up to the 3rd pick until the night of the draft. Currently, Will Anderson Jr. is the favorite to go #3 overall.

(4). Indianapolis Colts Select: Anthony Richardson | Florida

Team Needs: QB, WR, TE, OL

Analysis: Everyone is waiting for the Colts to make a trade to pick #3 from the Cardinals or with the Ravens to get Lamar Jackson. Reports recently stated that the Ravens might not ask for two first-round picks in a trade. That would make a trade easier for the Colts, but it leaves the Ravens without a bridge QB via trade, assuming they make this deal and draft Anthony Richardson. The Colts could also be in a spot for the Patriots to trade Mac Jones, who could be an excellent fit in a win-now offensive situation.

(5). Seattle Seahawks Select: IDL Jalen Carter | Georgia

Team Needs: G, C, DL

Analysis: Seattle wins the lottery in this spot by procuring one of the most dominant defenders in the 2023 NFL Draft. Carter has been discussed as a player expected to fall out of the top ten after he struggled at his Georgia Pro Day, but the Seahawks seized the opportunity to get a potential star.

(6). Detroit Lions Select: ED Tyree Wilson | Texas tech

Team Needs: WR, TE, DL

Analysis: The Lions can take one of our board's top two DB's, or one of several top edge defenders remaining.

(7). Las Vegas Raiders Select: QB Will Levis | Kentucky

Team Needs: G, C, ED, CB

Analysis: The Raiders have a lot of needs, they have QB covered in the immediate future, but they are still a candidate to move up to get a top QB. If they stay in this position, they will likely fill a need on the defensive side of the football.

(8). Atlanta Falcons Select: Edge Nolan Smith | Georgia

Team Needs: WR, TE, OL, DL, LB, DB

Analysis: In my previous Mock, I had the Falcons drafting Georgia Edge Nolan Smith, other hot names to watch are Tyree Wilson and Myles Murphy.

(9). Chicago Bears Select: Edge Myles Murphy | Clemson

Team Needs: WR, TE, OL, DL, LB, DB

Analysis: In the last mock draft, I had Bijan going to the Bears, but in this edition, I have a versatile edge defender with a high ceiling and freaky athleticism going to Chicago.

(10). Philadelphia Eagles Select: RB Bijan Robinson | Texas

Team Needs: WR, G, C, DL, S

Analysis: Many mock drafts have the Eagles taking a DB or a DL in this position. But the Eagles are only a piece or two away on offense and defense, and they can bolster their WR core in this position, or If Bijan falls into this spot, they will need to consider drafting the generational RB.

(11). Tennessee Titans Select: Paris Johnson Jr. | Ohio State

Team Needs: WR, OL

Analysis: The Titans need an OT to replace Taylor Lewan. They could go with an edge rusher in this spot. Recent reports from insider discussions mentioned that the Titans are potential trade candidates motivated to move up to get one of the draft's top QB's. They are also in a spot where they could trade back and procure more draft capital if one of the 4 top projected QB's falls outside the top 10.

"Ryan Tannehill is under contract for just one more season, and new Cardinals general manager Monti Ossenfort spent the past three seasons as the Titans' director of player personnel. Plus, at No. 3 overall, the Titans would jump a division rival and quarterback-needy team in the Indianapolis Colts at No. 4." (Per

(12). Houston Texans Select: Jaxon Smith-Njigba | Ohio State

Team Needs: QB, WR, C, DL

Analysis: The Texans are another team that QB-needy teams behind them might try to move up if a QB falls. If the Texans retain the pick, the best available option would be to add a WR or help on the offensive or defensive line.

(13). New York Jets Select: OT Peter Skoronski | Northwestern

Team Needs: OT, LB

Analysis: many believe this pick is one of the underlying reasons the Packers have yet to finalize the Aaron Rodgers trade with the New York Jets. My argument is that if you give up a top-15 pick for any available QB via trade, you get one that can provide you more longevity, and that QB is Lamar Jackson. The other scenario is that the Ravens will likely want another QB in return, the Jets do not have a proven QB, and Zach Wilson is an unproven risk. If the Jets retain this pick, their best option is to draft a versatile OL who can flip inside or outside as they develop.

(14). New England Patriots Select: Devon Witherspoon | Illinois

Team Needs: WR, ED, CB

Analysis: The rumor mill says that the Patriots are shopping Mac Jones. One potential trade could be the Patriots trading Mac Jones to the Ravens with this pick to Acquire Lamar Jackson. In that scenario, I would have Smith-Njigba going to the Ravens. If the Patriots stay in this position, I can see them taking the best available CB on the board.

(15). Green Bay Packers Select: WR Jordan Addison | USC

Team Needs: WR, TE, ED, LB

Analysis: Drafting a WR in this spot to support Jordan Love in the "potential" post-Aaron Rodgers era will be the likely route here. Many believe this will be a TE like Michael Mayer, and rightfully so, but Addison has WR1 upside from the slot that could create an excellent duo at WR with Christian Watson.

(16). Washington Commanders Select: OT/IOL Broderick Jones | Georgia

Team Needs: QB, G, C, LB, CB

Analysis: The Commanders are another team that could potentially try to move into position to draft a QB. If they decide that they can move forward with Sam Howell, they will need to build up the offensive line.

With the No. 16 overall pick, Washington may have a chance to trade up for a top player that slides. In Bleacher Report’s article on hypothetical trades Washington can make, the team traded up to the No. 8 pick with the Atlanta Falcons to take Kentucky quarterback Will Levis. (Bleacher Report)

(17). Pittsburgh Steelers Select: CB Christian Gonzalez | Oregon

Team Needs: T, LB, CB

Analysis: With essentially two first-round picks after the Dolphins forfeited pick, the Steelers have an excellent opportunity to capitalize. With apparent needs on the offensive line, they can also grab a top cornerback.

(18). Detroit Lions Select: IDL Calijah Kancey | Pitt

Team Needs: WR, TE, DL

Analysis: After getting a lockdown CB with their first pick, the Lions could use an interior defender or another edge defender.

(19). Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select: Bryan Bresee | Clemson

Team Needs: QB, TE, OL, DL, S

Analysis: Recent insider discussions mention that the Bucs might be in the running to trade up if any of the potential top 4 consensus QB's fall far enough. The one QB that has fallen on many draft boards is Will Levis. The Bucs have positioned themselves after picking up Baker Mayfield in free agency to provide a bridge QB to support whatever rookie QB they potentially take. The other name I like for the Bucs is Hendon Hooker if they decide not to trade up.

(20). Seattle Seahawks Select: Joey Porter Jr. | Penn State

Team Needs: G, C, DL

Analysis: The Seahawks have bolstered their interior with Jalen Carter; they can now go after another front-seven defender or the best available.

*Dolphins Forefeit Pick

(21). Los Angeles Chargers Select: CB Kelee Ringo | Georgia

Team Needs: WR, T, LB, CB, IDL

Analysis: The Chargers need help at CB and could use a WR. There is an argument that they could draft an edge rusher with Khalil Mack in his 30s and Joey Bosa's injury-plagued 2022; the Chargers need some youthful depth. Help on the interior of the defensive line is also a need.

(22). Baltimore Ravens Select: WR Zay Flowers | Boston College

Team Needs: WR, ED, CB

Analysis: The Ravens need to rebuild the secondary, and Kelee Ringo provides the physicality the Ravens want and need on the outside.

(23). Minnesota Vikings Select: QB Hendon Hooker | Tennessee

Team Needs: WR, DL, LB, CB

Analysis: There has been speculation that the Vikings could be a team looking to move up to draft a QB. They have a lot of other needs, but they are in a suitable position to move up and draft a QB, or if one falls to them, they could pull the trigger with Kirk Cousins on the roster as a bridge to the future.

(24). Jacksonville Jaguars Select: IOL Steve Avila | TCU

Team Needs: G, C, ED, DB

Analysis: Jags need interior OL help and help in their defensive secondary.

(25). New York Giants Select: S/CB Brian Branch | Alabama

Team Needs: WR, C, LB, S

Analysis: The Giants possess decent draft capital. They have needs at WR and safety.

(26). Dallas Cowboys Select: IDL Mazi Smith | Michigan

Team Needs: RB, DL, LB

Analysis: The Cowboys could use help on the IDL or add an edge rusher. Other needs include RB and LB. Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy said, via The Athletic, from the NFL Annual League Meeting in Phoenix.

I think we all recognize that the defensive line play, I know during my time in the league, it's at a historic high. The value that's put into the D-line play, as far as the draft and free agency, that's a priority position. You've seen the good defensive lines that have the six- or seven-man rotation, and they're getting it to eight or 10. Just look at our division alone. You have to pay close attention to that. (Mike McCarthy)

(27). Buffalo Bills Select: WR Quentin Johnston | TCU

Team Needs: WR, DB, LB

Analysis: With a need at LB, the Bills can fill that in the 2nd round and draft the best available WR left on the board to solidify its receiver core. There is some first-round buzz for LB Jack Campbell or Drew Sanders, but that's too early to draft a LB.

(28). Cincinnati Bengals Select: Jahmyr Gibbs | Alabama

Team Needs: TE, DL, DB

Analysis: With the Bengals' front office not likely committing to Joe Mixon, why not grab the speed of Jahmyr Gibbs to pair with Burrow and Chase? Yes, that is two RB's in the 1st round. Eat it, Mel Kiper.

(29). New Orleans Saints Select: CB Deonte Banks | Maryland

Team Needs: G, C, DL, CB

Analysis: Most of the recent mock drafts have the Saints taking a TE or the best available defensive lineman, but in our mock draft, they landed the best available CB with the opportunity to grab the best available interior offensive lineman in round two.

(30). Philadelphia Eagles Select: IOL/C John Michael Schmitz| Minnesota

Team Needs: WR, G, C, DL, S

Analysis: The Eagles can take a lot of different angles with their 2nd pick in round one, including trading back for more draft capital, but in this scenario, the Eagles take a versatile interior offensive lineman who can learn the center position from Travis Kelce while also having the versatility to play guard in the interim.

(31). Kansas City Chiefs Select: Edge Lukas Van Ness | Iowa

Team Needs: WR, DL, EDGE

Analysis: The Super Bowl champs have a young defense with great potential and could use a WR. But after releasing Frank Clark, they need to add another pass rusher.


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