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NFL Fantasy Football Total Volume Report: Top Five High Volume NFL RB's (Total targets + Rush Att.)

We have updated the weekly NFL advanced stats. You can learn more about Football Scout 365's NFL, NFL Draft, CFB, NFL Best Bets, and Fantasy Football Tools by clicking the link below.

As of today, the top five RB's ranked by total opportunities are as follows. What do we mean by total opportunities? Total opportunities are also known as the total player volume in the fantasy world. Still, we call it total opportunities because we use total receiving targets combined with a player's rush attempts to determine player volume.

The top five as of today are:

  1. Titans RB Derrick Henry (239)

  2. Steelers RB Najee Harris (177)

  3. Saints RB Alvin Kamara (170)

  4. Bengals Rb Joe Mixon (158)

  5. Lions RB D'andre Swift (147)


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