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NFL Week Three: High Impact Game of The Week Ravens vs Chiefs Reviewed

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High Impact Play Rate And Every Play Analysis

Our High Impact Game of The Week will highlight a different team each week during the NFL season by taking a more in-depth look at the matchup using our High Impact Play Rate analysis combined with our every play analysis.

What is High Impact Play Rate?

High Impact Play Rate accounts for big in-game moments such as sacks, turnovers, TFL's, and explosive plays. Our High Impact Play Rate analysis works as a diagnostic tool created to help identify the critical areas of focus when performing an every play film review.

What is an Every Play Analysis?

We created a customizable (to fit your needs) every play evaluation process made for coaches that analyzes every situation, from down & distance, field position, offensive and defensive personnel groupings, play type, and play area. The custom analysis process can use 70 different metrics, more or less, based on your needs.

Ravens vs. Chiefs Game Report and Final Review.

Our High Impact Play game of the week featured the Baltimore Ravens vs. the Kansas City Chiefs.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't

The story of the night, the Ravens blitzed, and Mahomes made them pay. Mahomes completed 17-21 passes for 219 yards and three TD's when the Ravens brought five or more pass rushers. The most impressive throw against the blitz came on a 49 yard TD pass off his back foot with a man in his face to Mecole Hardman on a third down and 14.

The Chief's offense looks unstoppable

The Chiefs offense is a juggernaut with the right blend of players and coaches. The creativity was on full display early in the game when Patrick Mahomes threw an awkward-looking shovel pass to his FB Anthony Sherman, who would score from five yards out on 3rd down. The creativity would continue in critical moments throughout the night, allowing the Chiefs to convert on third downs multiple times. When the Ravens defense appeared poised to get off of the field, the Chiefs offense would convert. On third down, the Chiefs converted 10 for 13 vs. the Ravens 3 for 9. Third down in a big game like this once again proves to be the key to winning or losing.

Chiefs dominate in the red zone

In the red zone, the Chiefs were a perfect 3 of 3, vs. The Ravens 1 of 4. The Raven's inability to convert on third down and in the red zone would be their ultimate undoing.

Mahomes can take over a game (is he the Michael Jordan of Football)?

Mahomes finished the night with 385 yards and five total TD's (4 Passing, one rushing).

Lamar Jackson Struggled

Lamar Jackson struggled to throw the football. The game started well for Lamar when he ripped off an early zone-read run for 30 yards on the opening drive. The Ravens would get into the red zone, and the offense would sputter, leading to a field goal attempt. Jackson's struggles were aided throughout the night by his WR's and TE's, who dropped five passes. Two of the drops by my count would have been TD's, including the most obvious to Mark Andrews when the Ravens were fighting their way back into the game midway through the third QTR.

Lamar Could not get into a rhythm

Lamar Jackson could not get into a good rhythm throwing the football. He did manage to rush for 83 yards, but he did not surpass 100 yards passing. The Chiefs, as described by Jackson last night, did a lot of the same stuff on defense that the Titans were doing to him in last year's playoffs (something to dig into more later).

The Ravens with Lamar Jackson as the starting QB are winless in games where they trailed by 10+ points at halftime

One stat that was brought up, and I cannot remember who said it this morning, so forgive me, is that Lamar is 0-9 in games when the Ravens trail by ten or more points at halftime. This stat's significance is alarming, yet it makes sense considering the style of offense that the Ravens like to play. The Ravens offense is predicated on the run game and controlling the clock. I brought this up yesterday in the game preview when I discussed how important it would be for the Ravens to not fall behind by two or more scores as they did a year ago against the Chiefs.

The Ravens committing uncharacteristic penalties

One other major factor that did not helo the Ravens, penalties. The Ravens came into his game with zero penalties against them. They would finish the game committing 6 for 45 yards. The penalties were often at inopportune moments that would result in a 2nd or 3rd and long situation for the Ravens. You cannot aid that struggle by committing multiple undisciplined errors in a game where you are struggling to throw the football for 100 yards.

The winner of this game is in the driver seat for a first-round bye

The winner of this game is in the driver seat to obtain the first-round bye. The Chiefs look unbeatable after watching them destroy the Ravens.

Spread, Game Total

Chiefs covered, game total 54 (under)

Player Matchup of The Week

Patrick Mahomes: 31-42, 385 yds passing, 4TD's, 0 sacks, Rating: 133.5, 4 rush attempts for 26 yds, and 1 TD.

Lamar Jackson: 15-28, 97 yds passing, 1 TD, 4 Sacks, Rating: 73.1, 9 rush attempts for 83 yds, and 0 TD's.

High Impact Play Rate Differential

Drive Of the Game

Decision Of The Game

High Impact Player Of The Game

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