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Researching The NCAA's Business Model and Multi-Channel Marketing Approach

The NCAA Digital Marketing Approach

The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) uses a multichannel marketing approach to maximize its reach within its broad target market. Their ability to leverage the website, social media channels, and a weekly newsletter helps them maximize subscriber options for all demographic types.

What Is Multi-Channel Marketing

Multichannel marketing utilizes online and offline marketing communications channels to target and engage with your customers (Commentator, 2020).

What Are The Marketing Channels?

The website provides informational material educating current, future, and former student-athletes on the inner workings, policies, and rules regarding the NCAA. They deliver the information via multiple platforms, including the website, Subscribable newsletters, Twitter, and Instagram. Each of the platforms provides a different channel that relates to the target audience. For Example, the website offers links for high school student-athletes who need information on athletic eligibility requirements categorized by NCAA divisions. They provide other individual pages on their website for current student-and former student-athletes that provide eligibility requirements, waivers, and additional information that pertain to student-athletes. The site also offers different links to pages with information for coaches and school administrators. The NCAA also provides information via social media providing information specific channels to follow for student-athletes and future student-athletes.

How Using a Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy Can Be Beneficial

Individuals use the internet in different ways according to a 2019 article, where the author(s) explain the importance of using a multichannel marketing approach to expand your marketing reach. For Example, not everyone uses the internet; some people like to receive newsletters, while others prefer to read blogs, websites, and social media. Using a multichannel approach, you can expand your potential target market reach (Council, 2019).

The Business Model

What is the NCAA?

The National Collegiate Athletic Association is a non-profit member-led organization dedicated to the well-being and lifelong success of student-athletes (VitalSource, n.d.).

The NCAA comprises of three divisions (Division 1, 2, and 3) with 1121 member institutions, 99 athletic voting conferences, and 39 affiliated sports organizations (VitalSource, n.d.).

The NCAA Rule Making Governing Body

Member representatives serve on committees that create, review, and vote on the governing rules for each division of the NCAA (VitalSource, n.d.).

Why is Multi-Channel Marketing Important Within The NCAA Business Model?

Because the NCAA is a governing body representing its member institutions, they need to have as many vehicles as possible to deliver their messages to its member institutions as possible. One of the ways they provide detailed information is through the use of email newsletters, each of which caters to each target audience.

The website provides a lot of information that pertains to the member institutions and its student-athletes. The site provides essential forms and documents for student-athletes and administrator use. The site is a vital resource that uses a multichannel marketing approach to reach its intended target market.


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