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Updated Top 50 2024 NFL Draft Big Board - Caleb Williams Leads the Way, QB J.J. McCarthy Is Top 10

We are only one week into the CFB season, and some new faces are in the top ten of the 2024 NFL Draft Big Board.

Caleb Williams 2024 NFL Draft Player Profile

The Big Mover, Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy

The updated top 50 2024 NFL Draft Big Board added Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy into the top 10. He was already in our top 50. He is now in the top 10 because of his tape and the analytics really popping off against the vaunted ECU Pirates.

Before you lose your mind about his competition, it's more about his work in the offseason with new Michigan QB coach Kirk Campbell. McCarthy has already worked with former Tom Brady QB guru Tom House. Against ECU, McCarthy was decisive, played with poise, and made the right decision on every throw. He also made a few elite-level tight window throws including a dot to the corner of the endzone between two defenders on a hi-lo route combo where J.J. used his eyes and slight shoulder movement to hold a DB on the low route long enough for him to open a slight window and McCarthy dropped a dime.

He was already a confident thrower, but now he's adding other elements to his game that will be needed in the NFL, where the throwing windows are always narrow.

Regarding the data, he completed 26-30 throws, 280 yards, and 3 TD's. He had zero turnover-worthy throws and three big-time throws, according to PFF.

Top 10 Players In Our Updated Top 50 2024 NFL Draft Big Board

1). USC QB Caleb Williams, 6'1", 215lbs

Summary: Caleb Williams is one of the most exciting quarterback prospects in recent years. He is currently the top QB on most 2024 NFL Draft boards. With his combination of arm talent, mobility, and football IQ, he has all the tools to be a successful quarterback at the NFL level. His ability to fit into various offensive schemes and make plays under pressure adds to his value. With the right development, he has the potential to be an elite NFL QB.

2). North Carolina QB Drake Maye, 6'4", 225lbs

Summary: Drake Maye is a top 2024 NFL Draft prospect with a good blend of size, arm strength, and football IQ. His mechanics are sound, and he displays solid accuracy at all three levels of the field. While not a traditional dual threat, Maye's mobility is solid for his size. Maye has the potential to develop into a successful NFL quarterback and possesses instant-impact player traits that are comparable to top NFL QB's like Justin Herbert or Trevor Lawrence.

3). Ohio State WR Marvin Harrison Jr., 6'4", 205lbs

Summary: Marvin Harrison Jr. stands out as an exceptional wide receiver prospect in the NFL Draft with his unique blend of size, athleticism, and polished route-running skills. His 6-foot-4 solid frame and his speed and agility allow him to separate from defenders and make significant downfield plays. His superior ability to track the ball and secure contested catches makes him a dependable target. His precision in route-running and understanding of defensive coverage, paired with exceptional field awareness, allows him to exploit mismatches and create opportunities. Harrison Jr.'s strong work ethic, high football IQ, and potential for further growth suggest that he's poised to become an immediate impact player in the NFL.

4). Georgia TE Brock Bowers, 6'4", 230lbs

Summary: Brock Bowers possesses exceptional athleticism and displays dynamic abilities as a tight end. His remarkable speed and impressive route running skills set him apart. Notably, he consistently delivers a high level of effort and performance. Bowers showcases his versatility by excelling in multiple facets of the tight end position. His exceptional speed and agility allow him to create separation from defenders effectively, while his superb ball-tracking skills make him a serious deep threat. Although there is room for improvement in his blocking abilities, Bowers remains an outstanding prospect overall. His rare skill set positions him to excel at the next level.

5). Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy, 6'3", 196lbs

Summary: J.J. McCarthy is a promising quarterback prospect out of Michigan, displaying impressive arm strength, good mobility, and a high football IQ. He can throw the ball with power and precision from the pocket or on the move, where he has made some big-time off-platform throws. However, there are areas for improvement, particularly concerning his inconsistency in accuracy, pocket presence, and decision-making about when to pass or run. Despite these areas of development, McCarthy's raw potential suggests he could become a high-level starting quarterback in the NFL. His blend of physical skills, mental acumen, and leadership abilities could position him to make a significant impact at the professional level.

6). Penn State OT Olumuyiwa Fashanu, 6'6", 308lbs

Summary: Fashanu is a formidable offensive tackle, showcasing a blend of strength and physicality that makes him a force to be reckoned with on the line. His hand placement and finishing ability are top-notch, allowing him to outmatch college-level defenders consistently. This prowess suggests that he has the potential to transition into a dominant blocker in the NFL. His run-blocking skills are evident, often paving the way for running backs to exploit gaps. However, a notable area of improvement is his tendency to overextend during pass protection, occasionally leading to sacks.

7). Florida State ED Jared Verse, 6'4", 250lbs

Summary: Jared Verse is a promising edge rusher boasting an impressive combination of speed, strength, and powerful hand technique that allows him to shake off blockers quickly. His diversified arsenal of pass-rush moves, from bull rushing to speed off the edge, underscores his potential as a disruptive force on the defensive line. Verse stands out as a multifaceted edge rusher, able to adapt and make an impact in diverse defensive schemes. His adaptability mirrors that of notable NFL players like Josh Sweat, Harold Landry, and Nick Bosa, each renowned for their unique strengths. With his relentless approach to the game and a skill set that allows for versatility across defensive schemes, Verse is poised to be a significant asset for NFL teams looking to bolster their pass rush.

8). Alabama OT J.C. Latham, 6'6", 326lbs

Summary: J.C. Latham, at 6'6" and 335 pounds, is a leading offensive tackle prospect anticipated for the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft. His impressive stature, athleticism, and blocking skills set him apart on the field. However, he needs to improve in areas like pass protection and footwork. With the versatility to play multiple positions and a particular fit for power-running offenses, Latham emerges as a promising high-reward NFL prospect.

9). Alabama CB Kool-Aid McKinstry, 6'1", 195lbs

Summary: Kool-Aid McKinstry is a dynamic press-man corner, boasting exceptional foot quickness and fluid hips that enable him to mirror receivers effortlessly. His competitive nature shines at the catch point, consistently battling for pass breakups or interceptions. McKinstry's physicality extends beyond coverage; he's a robust tackler in run support and showcases a fearless blitzing approach. However, he occasionally allows too much separation in trail technique, potentially leaving him vulnerable to vertical threats in the NFL. Overall, McKinstry's athletic prowess positions him as a top-tier outside corner, but his physicality also suggests potential success in the slot.

10). Alabama ED Dallas Turner, 6'4", 240lbs

Summary: Dallas Turner is an athletic pass rusher who could develop into a premier edge rusher. He has a quick first step, fluid movement in the open field, and great bend to turn the edge. He is also position-versatile and has plus-level pass-rush tools. However, he needs to improve his strength at the POA in the run game, his ability to deconstruct blocks, and his consistency in setting the edge of the defense. Overall, Turner's most impactful plays come via his athleticism and ability to rush the passer.


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