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2024 NFL Draft Position Rankings: Top 5 Interior Offensive Lineman | Pre NFL Combine

We are entering the next stage of the NFL Draft player rankings process. As always, I start with the top 5 quarterbacks (QB), top 5 running backs (RB), top 10 wide receivers (WR), and the top 5 tight ends (TE) before diving into the updated offensive line and top defender grades.

We evaluate every player using a proprietary grading process that involves film evaluation combined with advanced data. On the back end, our scouting process mirrors the same process deployed by current NFL front-office personnel so that we can deliver the most in-depth player scouting reports available. All of this is currently free (subject to change).

Football Scout 365 NFL Draft Big Board

Each player scouting report includes:

  • In-depth player scouting report

  • Play Style and Scheme Fit Analysis

  • Player Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Player Comparisons

The Top 5 IOL's

The top 5 IOL's according to our updated 2024 NFL Draft Big Board player rankings, ranked ahead of the 2024 NFL Combine.

Oregon State IOL Jackson Powers-Johnson

(1) Jackson Powers-Johnson, Oregon (IOL, 6'3", 320 lbs)

Projection: High-End Starter Potential

Analysis: Powers-Johnson is praised for his athleticism and versatility, shining in zone schemes with his footwork and movement. Despite his shorter reach, his effective anchoring and smart play compensate, making him ideal for dynamic offenses. Expected to be a Day 2 pick, his immediate impact as a starting center is anticipated, supported by his high football IQ and leadership.

(2) Christian Mahogany, Boston College (IOL, 6'3", 322 lbs)

Projection: High-End Starter Potential

Analysis: Mahogany's blend of power and technique positions him as a versatile force on the interior line, capable of excelling in any offensive setup. His ability to engage defenders at the second level and adeptness at handling complex defenses underscore his potential. Projected as a high-end starter, Mahogany's skill set promises significant NFL success.

(3) Cooper Beebe, Kansas State (IOL, 6'4", 322 lbs)

Projection: High-End Starter Potential

Analysis: Beebe's strength and base make him a formidable force in run-heavy schemes, with his versatility allowing play across the interior. While he shines in gap and power run schemes, further development in pass protection could round out his skill set. With high football IQ and adaptability, Beebe is seen as a valuable Day 2 selection.

(4) Zak Zinter, Michigan (IOL, 6'6", 334 lbs)

Projection: High-End Starter Potential

Analysis: Zinter's size and toughness make him a solid fit for vertical run schemes, leveraging his strength for effective engagement. While not the most mobile, his foundational skills suggest a reliable interior presence. Projected with Mid-Level Starter Potential, Zinter's consistency and football IQ forecast a successful NFL career.

(5) Zach Frazier, West Virginia (IOL, 6'3", 310 lbs)

Projection: High-End Starter Potential

Analysis: Frazier's technical proficiency and power excel in gap schemes, with his wrestling background enhancing his blocking leverage. While less suited for zone schemes, his reliable pass protection and football intelligence make him a dependable center option. Anticipated as a Day 2 selection, Frazier's potential as a solid NFL contributor is evident.


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